What are Amazon listings blocked? Will they be blocked if the listing is not updated


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What are the blocked cross-border information Amazon listing, and will it be blocked if the listing is not updated

For Amazon sellers, they have to face many unexpected situations. For example, the product sales have been very good all the time, and suddenly the listing cannot be opened, and the listing suddenly becomes a dog, which makes Amazon sellers feel overwhelmed. Today, we will talk aboutAmazon listing is blockedRelevant issues.

Abide by Amazon rules and do not violate Amazon rules. Generally speaking, listing will not change.

Of course, there are also many lazy sellers who copy others' listing directly, even without changing the picture and description, but may just change the price; It is a good time to copy other people's products. If someone has a brand record or a trademark, it is easy to cause infringement;

There are also sellers who do not pay attention to product quality, or sell fake goods, which will have a great impact on listing, and will lead to seal.

AmazonWhat are the problems with listing

1、The listing has not been updated

If the seller needs to change the product, or re edit the listing, but does not update the listing in time, it is likely to be complained by the buyer, or judged by Amazon as a violation, resulting in the listing is not available for sale, affecting the normal sales of Amazon stores.

2、Merge Listing and review

Some of the sellers' products have poor sales, so they may need to delete the listing or merge the two listing, which will result in the merger of review and listing. The relevant categories are OK. If the two products do not coincide at all, and then merge, it will violate Amazon's rules, and listing may become unsalable. Therefore, the sellers must pay attention to this.


The seller should choose products that do not involve property rights, such as trademark right, invention patent right, outer packaging design right, etc. The seller can query the patent website to see whether the product involves brand and trademark right, etc., to avoid these products, to avoid infringement and cause listing off the shelf.

4、Category review

Amazon has many categories that need to be reviewed, such as baby products, health products, food, etc. These are all required to be reviewed because they involve health issues. It is recommended that sellers avoid these categories when selecting products. If the uploaded categories need to be reviewed for a certain time, the sales of listing will be affected.

5、New listing

Sometimes the seller's goods have not yet reached the Amazon FBA warehouse, and the newly created listing is in the inactive state. The buyer can place an order, but it will affect the logistics delivery speed. Because the products have not yet reached the Amazon warehouse, the buyer has the right to complain if the order is delayed, which will affect the listing. In serious cases, the listing may be blocked or frozen.

Amazon listing is blocked. Generally, Amazon will issue a warning notice. If the seller has not taken any action, Amazon may directly block the listing.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that if Amazon listing is blocked or frozen, they should not panic, and the freezing of listing can also be appealed. Find out the cause of the problem, then propose solutions, remove the bad inventory, solve the fundamental problem, make a good future plan, and be honest. Generally speaking, you can appeal successfully.

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