What is Amazon account association and how to determine account association


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What is Amazon account association in b2b, and how to determine account association

For Amazon sellers, account association will bring a lot of trouble to sellers, especially affecting the normal operation of Amazon stores, closing accounts or closing all accounts. Even so, some Amazon sellers take risks. Today we will talk aboutAmazon account associationRelevant issues.

Generally speaking, the Amazon account association is due to too many product similarities in the store, reachingMore than 60%, or the seller has registered multiple Amazon accounts on the same site, which leads to account association.

What is Amazon account association 

Amazon stipulates that a seller can only register one account on the same site for a set of materials, and different sites can register multiple accounts. For example, a seller can only register one account on the U.S. site for a set of materials, and cannot register two accounts on the U.S. site, but can register one account on the U.S. site, one account on the European site, and one account on the Japanese site.

If the seller registers too many accounts with the same set of data, the account will be associated.

How to determine Amazon account association

1、Hardware factor

Each computer has a unique MAC address. If you log in to different Amazon sites multiple times, Amazon will determine that the account is associated.

2、Software Factors

The IP addresses of all computers are unique. If you log in to the Amazon account multiple times, it will also be judged as account association; There are also browser records; Collection account; Credit Card; full name; Telephone; Business license and so on, which will cause account association.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that the best way to prevent Amazon account association is to use independent IP addresses, independent computers, phones, credit cards, and collection accounts, which are all new and not reused. If you want to register with other Amazon sites, you must not use duplicate data.

As an Amazon seller, you should know that once Amazon determines that the account is related, the products between stores are seriously crossed, and they may be forced to be removed from the storeListing, if there are few duplicate products, the account may still survive; Generally speaking, if an Amazon account is closed associated with one site, others are likely to be closed, but there may be a lag in time. Therefore, Amazon sellers must avoid account association.

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