Tik Tok praised more than 100000, and the mask type facial mask became popular!


Author:Zeng Xuening
Source: ennews

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, masks seem to have become a part of our bodies. However, wearing masks for a long time makes the skin unable to breathe, which also leads to various skin problems. Everyone is trying their best to solve this problem.


Recently, onTik Tok's previous bloggerAlexa Johnson (@ glowpedia),A video of skincare on an airplane was released, which caught everyone's attention. The most striking one is the patch type facial mask under her mask.


In the video, the shape of the facial mask used by the blogger is similar to the size and position of the mask. Even after applying the facial mask, wearing the mask will not be affected.


The blogger said that her flight time is about five and a half hours, among whichStick this facial mask for 45 minutes, so that she can also take care of her skin on the plane. And in the dry cabin, it can also keep her skin under the mask moist.


Since this video was released, it has received over100000 likes and over 1.6 million views.thisNot only has it aroused the interest of beauty enthusiasts, but it has also attracted Amway to travel enthusiasts who often go out. They think that the facial mask is very practical, which can not only achieve safety protection, but also maintain delicacy.


Cross border e-commerce Tik Tok praised more than 100000 people, and the mask facial mask became popular!

The blogger's video has also driven the sales of the same facial mask on Amazon, with a favorable rating of4 stars. Among the same brands, this facial mask has the highest sales volume and praise rate.


The matching shape of facial mask and mask, together with the main soothing and moisturizing effect, make consumers pay for such creativity and effect.


At the same time, the popularity of mask facial mask has also driven the sales of the same type of facial mask. On Amazon, the word 'soon to be sold out' has already been displayed.


The cross-border information Tik Tok praised more than 100000 people, and the mask facial mask became popular!


After the video was released,As can be seen on Google Trends, regarding“Masque BAR”The search shows a fluctuating upward trend, and people's attention to products has significantly increased. The influence of Tik Tok bloggers is undeniable.


Tik Tok went to sea to praise more than 100000 people, and the mask facial mask was on fire!


Related to masksThe skin problems caused by "long-term coexistence" have made many people pay attention to skincare.Especially with the relaxation of epidemic prevention policies in various countries, more and more people are returning to the office and increasing social activities, so there is also an increasing emphasis on skin health. The sales of skincare products have also significantly increased.


according toAccording to NPD data, the total revenue of the beauty industry in the United States reached $4.9 billion in the third quarter, an increase of 25% compared to the same period last year. The sales of skincare products also reached $1.4 billion, an increase of 14% compared to the same period last year. In addition to facial mask, essence liquid, lipstick, eye cream and other products have also attracted the attention of consumers.


And this timeThe sales driven by Tik Tok blogger videos can also be seen as the increasing impact of social media on consumers.Many consumers will discover new beauty and skincare products on social media.Online celebrity marketing platformTraackrofInvestigation findings,TikTok's beauty advertising posts increased by 164% and user engagement increased by 481%.And there are47% of consumers will rely on Tik Tok for inspiration in finding beauty products.


So for sellers,Social media platforms, including Tik Tok, will be a powerful tool for promoting products and increasing exposure in the future. Make good use of them, maybe the next popular product will be you.

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