Google launches a one-stop Saas e-commerce platform and wants to challenge Shopify?


Author:Yu Xiaoying
Source: ennews

Recently,Google has launched a product similar toShopify's one-stop Saas e-commerce platform - Qaya.


According to Google's introduction, throughQaya allows users to create personalized online storefronts to showcase their products and services, such as photos, e-books, artwork, photography, fitness videos, etc. Meanwhile, Qaya can also import products and services sold by users on other platforms. It is reported that each store can accommodate up to 1000 products.

 B2B Google Launches One Stop Saas E-commerce Platform, Wanting to Challenge Shopify?

In addition, Google will alsoThe Qaya store receives users' own YouTube accounts, as well as Google search and Google shopping pages.


And every store willObtain your own custom URL in the form of qaya. store/your name or your name. channel. Google stated that in this way, users can place web addresses on social media platforms, online stores, podcasts, music platforms, blogs, and other places to guide their own stores.


In fact, in theIn the Qaya storefront, users can not only introduce themselves with text, but also insert import ports from other online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Spotify, etc. However, Google emphasizes that Qaya's biggest goal is still to connect fans and content sold by creators, rather than just serving as a login page to connect fans and creators' personal information on other services.


The most critical issue is the payment issue,Qaya has built-in Google Pay, so fans can make payments including subscriptions, tips, and one-time payments. And Google pointed out that Qaya will also provide users with product sales analysis.


At present, this product is available for free use, but it is currently only available in beta versions in the United States and cannot be used by users in other countries for the time being.


With the trend of e-commerce sweeping the world, many e-commerce platforms have sprung up like mushrooms after rain. Not only that, but many social platforms, such asInstagram and TikTok are also laying out e-commerce tracks. Of course, as a globally renowned technology company, Google also focuses on e-commerce.


In the e-commerce field, Google has made multiple attempts.In 2013, Google launched Google Shopping Express, which provides free same-day delivery services. However, this business ultimately failed. In 2018, Google launched the shopping platform Google Shopping.


Last year, Google also launched a video shopping platformShoploop, which integrates elements such as short videos, social media, and online celebrity sales. At the same time, Google is also working hard to turn YouTube into an e-commerce platform.


However, currently, Google has not splashed too much water on e-commerce.

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