Amazon's new plan allows sellers to receive up to 30% bonus on sales!


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

Amazon USA stands atOn December 14th, a notice was released announcing the launch of a new brand recommendation bonus plan.


The announcement states that through the new brand recommendation bonus program, brand sellers can increase their advertising efficiency outside of Amazon while receiving bonuses.


When brands channel traffic from non Amazon marketing activities to Amazon products, they can obtainPromotional productsSales revenueaverage10% bonus. In addition, the brand charges the same bonus for any brand products purchased by customers within the next two weeks.


Cross border e-commerce logistics Amazon new plan, sellers can receive up to 30% of sales bonus!


Specifically, after successfully registering for the program, if the seller introduces off-site traffic into Amazon's website for transactions, Amazon will provide the seller with an average product sales volumeA bonus of around 10%. Even if the consumer does not place an order on the spot, Amazon will record the consumer's information. If the consumer purchases the brand's products within two weeks, the seller can also receive a bonus.


The actual reward rate received by sellers may vary depending on the category of products sold and the sales volume. For example, the highest reward for Amazon device accessories is based on the sales volume30%, the reward rate for electronic product accessories varies between 5% and 10% depending on the sales volume. Specific data sellers can also view it in the background.


It is understood that the brand recommendation bonus plan is currently limited to sellers on the Meiya website, with onlyBrand owners can only register for this program and need to authorize their own brand on Amazon.


However, it should be noted that the bonuses obtained through the brand recommendation bonus program cannot be directly withdrawn, but are used to offset the seller's sales commission. If there is any remaining reward, it will be kept until next month to offset the commission again. So, I want to take it directly from AmazonIt is still impossible to 'pull wool'.


Industry insiders have analyzed that currently AmazonofTraffic growth has fallen into a bottleneck and is facing an increasing number of competitors. Except Wal MartTraditional competitors such as Target and Kroger, as well as social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, are also vigorously entering the e-commerce market. In this case, Amazon will only motivate sellers to attract Amazon from outside the site.

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