The United States was ravaged by a tornado, a move to turn crisis into business opportunities!


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According to foreign media reports such as CNN, the central region of the United States was hit by a storm, 19 tornadoes swept across 5 continents, and more than 55 million people in the United States were faced with serious threats. It is said that the storm disaster is the rarest in the history of the United States.

A picture was blown 130 miles away, a train derailed directly, and more than 1000 houses disappeared. " This is a no exaggeration description of the storm.The cross-border circle was not spared. The Amazon warehouse (covering an area of 37000 square meters) in Illinois collapsed in a strong storm.


A tornado wreaks havoc on the voyage to the United States, turning crisis into business opportunities!

(Comparison before and after tornado attacks Amazon warehouse)

It can be seen from the figure that when the tornado hit the Amazon warehouse, it was like a high-speed train running across the building and directly broke it. This attack also killed six employees of Amazon.

It is not hard to imagine that this tornado was a terrible disaster for American residents. But for cross-border sellers, besides lamenting for those people who were killed and displaced by the hurricane, they also unexpectedly gained new business opportunities.

For example, on Amazon America Station, a seller selling camping lights changed the keywords to "hurricane", "post disaster reconstruction", "power failure" and other hot words, and the camping lights were instantly upgraded to emergency lights, with sales soaring.

Cross border e-commerce logistics is ravaged by a tornado in the United States, making the crisis a business opportunity!

Cross border e-commerce in the United States is ravaged by a tornado, making the crisis a business opportunity in seconds!

Moreover, the United States was hit by the typhoon. Although many sites were not destroyed, the goods stored in the warehouse will certainly be affected. These goods cannot escape the fate of being cleared. However, for these goods, the seller has paid a lot of capital and time costs. Is it possible to be a philanthropist who has the heart to lose money?

The answer is of course not, so in the face of this situation,How can sellers seize the opportunity of "hurricane" and turn these "low price promotional products" into "urgently needed explosive products"?

Take a car mounted folding trash can as an example. Before the storm, the sales volume was in a freezing state, and almost nobody paid attention to it。 However, after the disaster, it has become a hard sell!

The e-commerce platform was hit by a tornado in the United States, which turned the crisis into a business opportunity!


Some buyers in the disaster stricken areas even praised this product: "Oh, my God! I love this product so much! The tornado took away my home. Fortunately, there is this product in the car. We used it as a temporary emergency toilet to keep the family's dignity. I love it."

In this regard, if sellers change their thinking and link the "car folding trash can" to "outdoor emergency toilet after disaster", will it be able to greatly increase product sales?

So how to do it?

We can use the buyer feedback function of Yiya products, focus on keyword setting, as shown in the following figure:The point that buyers complain most and pay most attention to is product qualityThere are space occupation, influence on riding, improper toilet ring size, etc. According to slot points and concerns, sellers can reverse the settings, and define the product keywords as "in line with human use comfort", "wind disaster emergency", "convenient toilet after disaster" and other precise drainage words that can improve the sales rate after disaster, and the probability of product resurrection will be greatly improved.

Cross border information: The United States was hit by a tornado, and the crisis turned into business opportunities with one move!

The e-commerce platform was hit by a tornado in the United States, which turned the crisis into a business opportunity!


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In addition, sellers can optimize the packaging for the second time according to the products they actually stocked. They can seize the hurricane business opportunities through bundled sales (such as setting up a post disaster emergency package), low price promotion and other ways to improve sales. When the impact of the hurricane is over, the products that need to be cleared are almost cleared. The unfinished products can also move forward steadily because of the secondary optimization based on the analysis results of sprout selection.

Finally, Yi Xiaoya wants to say that the key to the coexistence of business opportunities and opportunities is to have a vision of market layout. The United States is located in the central region, where tornadoes occur frequently. Sellers are planning for the present and the future. If you want to know whether their products have the potential to sell, you can go throughEasyYaExplore more potential of our own products.

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Sail to the Sea Information America is ravaged by a tornado, a move to turn crisis into business opportunities!


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The cross-border e-commerce platform was hit by a tornado in the United States, which turned the crisis into business opportunities!


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The cross-border e-commerce platform was hit by a tornado in the United States, which turned the crisis into business opportunities!

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