It is estimated that the increase will exceed 100%! Data management becomes the winning secret of pet e-commerce


Author:Zeng Xuening
Source: ennews

In the past two years, the development momentum of the pet products market cannot be ignored. However, how to maintain the long-term growth trend after the early development is also a topic that various business platforms have been studying.


Pet FriendsIt is an online shopping platform for Korean pet products. The platform has become the largest pet e-commerce platform in South Korea by providing all-weather products, pet health consulting services, daily express services, etc.stayIn 2020, the sales increased by 168% year on year to 31.4 billion won. According to the platform, the sales volume this year will also achieve a growth of more than 100%.


Pet FriendsofThe CEO said that the secret of maintaining stable growth was that they strengthened the recommendation tools based on customer data to consolidate their market leading position.And having many highly engaged customers is one of the advantages of the platform.


Because when customers buy items, they need to buy according to the size, age and variety of pets. So the customer provided a lot of data for the platform, and spent a lot of time and money on the platform for pets.The platform analyzes and uses these data to establish its own database. Then use the database to plan the business development model, so as to achieve differentiated development.


Pet FriendsUsers are encouraged to provide information about their pets when registering, including age, physical condition, allergy source, etc.At the same time, they will also provide high-quality delivery services for these highly involved users.Make the user's shopping experience as full as possible. At present, there are nearly700000 pets.


For novice pets, the platform will also use data analysis to help them. The platform will recommend relevant products to pet novices according to the shopping records of existing customers to help them buy appropriate supplies for their pets.


The CEO said that this model of recommending goods based on data analysis is also different from other platforms that only list goods based on price or popularity, which can more accurately recommend to users and improve the purchase rate. According to statistics, 70% of the users have pets less than 1 year old. Therefore, many novice pet owners are satisfied with this recommendation system.


Cross border sea going is expected to increase by more than 100%! Data management becomes the winning secret of pet e-commerce


At the same time, the platform also cooperates with veterinarians to develop its own brand products, and plans to jointly develop nutritional supplements with pet nutritionists. At present, the sales of its own brand account for20%。


According to the survey, customers will spend more money on pet care as the number of families with pets increases.So many customers will know and look for high-quality products for pets. Therefore, it will further promote the development of pet products.


Pet FriendsThe example of growth based on data management shows that popularity and high sales volume are no longer the only basis for consumers to buy in the current big data era. It can provide customized and various types of intimate services, which will be more favored by consumers.Therefore, enterprise sellers should also take this condition into consideration in their future plans, so as to get more development opportunities.

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