$9.9 billion! The development trend of American pet snack industry is gratifying


Author:Zheng Yang
Source: ennews

In recent years, the snack industry for cats, dogs and other pets has developed rapidly,saleThe forehead is significantUpward trend.according tomarket researchmechanismPackaged FactsData shows that this category has beenkeepmeansTwo digit numberofincreaseBy the end of this year,Sales will reachUS $9.87 billion.


Packaged FactsThe authorities said that cats and dogs were affected by the epidemic in the past two yearssnackstradeSales offoreheadincreaseSpeed alreadyexceedHasPet food and pet products marketGrowth rate


Shannon Brown, Packaged Facts AnalystIt is mentioned that during the epidemic, the officials who shovel excrementhaveMore timeSame asPetsstayin harnessThis virtually increases the demand for pet snacks. meanwhileFor petsHealth and health concernsalsoResulted insomeFunctionalitysnacksofIncreased demand


pet food industrySome trends inIt also reflects the needs of the officials who shovel excrement, e.g. plant formulaAlternative protein, focusing on animalshealthyAnd environmental impactreplaceVegetarian, and morehighNutritionvalueandHealth functionSnackAnd other products


Packaged FactsTodayyearAugustshareandSeptembershareAn investigation carried outAlso show, more than25%cat ownerRepresents, fromepidemic situationSince the beginning, theyYour petHas started to eat plant foodHas, more than half(54%) said theyMore selectivePet snack prepared with vegetable protein.


meanwhile,Electronic CommerceThe development of pet snacks in the field also confirms people's needsPackaged FactsexpressstayIn the past, the sale of pet snacks has been hindered by the rise of Internet shopping,cat ownerWhen shopping in the store,habittakeBuy petsSnacks are considered impulsiveconsumption。 andnowadaysconsumerstayThe change of consumption mentality and behavior under the effect of epidemic situationSupports this year's pet snacksofsale.


According to Xiao Bian,On the current marketSnacks occupied by pet dogs80%, but since 2016,PetscatofSnack salesAlso inwithFasterThe speed of growth.


Packaged FactsalsoMeans that withMore and more excrement shovelers choose kittens as their pets, andMore and more cat ownersSubselectHigh quality andpartialseniorOf typePet products,On the marketyesPetsCat snackDemand willmeetingcontinuedGrowth.

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