The audience is 90 million, and the European secondary market is popular


Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

The concept of sustainability has gradually taken root in people's hearts, and consumers pay more attention to environmental protection and sustainability when shoppingThe second-hand clothing market has been on the rise in the past few years。 In this regard, the European Cross border Trade Association also investigated the sustainable platforms on the market.


The results show that the growth rate of European second-hand fashion market is that of traditional retail11 times,This year90 million Europeans tried to buy second-hand products, compared with 16 million last year In addition,45% onlineconsumptionThose who have purchased recycled products7% purchased "refurbishment"productalso3% bought recycled items.


according toCBCommerceForecast forIn the next four years,resaleThe market will double to34 billion euros.In another five years, the scale of second-hand clothing should be twice that of the fast fashion market, but the question is whether the supply of second-hand clothing is still the same when fewer and fewer people buy cheap clothing.


From the perspective of platform, second-hand fashion platform from LithuaniaVinted has a 40% share in the European secondary market.Its operation mode isC2C mode, users can directly use it on the platformproductSale or gift ofSimilar to domestic free fishThrough this mode,Provided for usersHasBy making money from old things, users can buy classic styles with only a small amount of money, creating a fashionable circular economy.


In addition,EBay, Vestiaire Collective, Depop and Etsy are also major second-hand resale platforms. Specifically, the supply of second-hand products on eBay platform has also increased by one third in the past three years. Major second-hand platforms in the United States, such asThredUP, Redbubble and PoshmarkFinancing and listing in succession also show the development potential of the secondary market.


Moreover, recently, luxury brands Burberry and second-hand resale companiesMy Wardrobe HQ cooperates to provide leasing of second-hand clothes in the UK, and then they can choose to buy or return them. Other European countries can't rent but can buy their second-hand clothes.


The scale of the second-hand market in Europe and the United States has also been growing in recent years. With the prevalence of environmental protection concepts, there will be a steady development in the future.

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