With Christmas approaching, what gifts do Italian consumers tend to buy?


Author:Guo Wenpei
Source: ennews

As a traditional Western holiday, it is also a tradition to give gifts to each other on Christmas Day. According to foreign media reports, European consumers preferLeverage discounts and promotionsBuy Christmas gifts.


According to a survey, European consumers are buyingChristmas giftsI prefer some traditional Christmas gifts. Such as Lego building blocks or perfume. Italian consumers prefer some innovative gifts.


according toAccording to a recent survey conducted by idealo international, more than half of people who buy Christmas gifts online will buy them between the first week and the second week of December, 22%Christmas Shoppers' ClubstaySome online websites with high cost performance


In additionexceed70% said they wouldLarge offline supermarketShopping, but slightly higher than16% will shop on their favorite brand website.It is reported that,The average budget for Italians to buy Christmas gifts online is249 EUR,have42%Estimated costfive0reachBetween 200 euros.


according toCurrent trends,Italian consumersGame against the living room(+110%), watches (+39%), video games (+34%) and personal care products (+32%)Gradually increasing 


In addition,So is ChristmasA good opportunity to give each other practical gifts.Last weekIn Italian shopping websites,Online searchamountThe most seasonal related products are children's sweaters(+43%), ski clothes (+42%), snow shoes (+36%), women's boots (+28%) and backpacks (+24%)etc.


In addition,ToysIt is the real star product of this Christmas.During December,The search volume of toy products is the same as that of the previous monthhigh16%。andThe most searched online toyproductLego building blocks, Barbie dolls, dolls, party games and moving dolls.


amongMost desirableToy productsIt is still the legendary Barbie Dream HouseIt is a beautiful villa toy with a three storey elevator, which is also the dream of many children.


In addition,idealostillItalian portalChristmas suppliesAverage annual price of. By comparisonAverage prices in 2021 and 2020find, compared with a year agoPriceThe biggest drop in Christmas giftsThings areLego, espresso machine, electric scooterPlaymobil anddoll

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