A large number of Etsy sellers have received malicious complaints, affecting sales in the peak season


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

During the peak holiday seasonEtsy sellers reported that they had received malicious complaints and affected their sales.


According to foreign media, oneAn Etsy seller's post on TikTok received more than 40000 likes. She said that one of her products was taken off the shelf due to malicious infringement complaints. Etsy only restored her link half a month later, which greatly affected her sales.


The seller said that the product he sold was named"Magic ballThis is a festival jewelry with witchcraft as the theme, and the complaint is from another company"Fairy ball" decoration seller, but there is no similar part between the two products.


AnotherThe seller of Etsy received the notice of removing the goods from the shelves a few days ago. The seller said that the animal skull ornaments she sold were complained of infringing the copyright, but besides her, at least a dozen other sellers on Etsy provided similar goods.


and,Etsy also did not tell him which copyrights he had infringed. She searched the federal copyright database herself, and did not find the relevant copyright.


These wereMalicious complaints's sellers said they were trying toEtsy got help, but in vain. "They don't actually support sellers." A seller said, "They don't chat, make phone calls, and never reply to the 'email' function."


Compared with the difficult process of rights protectionIt is much easier to make a complaint on Etsy. It is understood that,stayNo evidence is required to submit a copyright infringement claim on Etsy, only signature is required to prove the authenticity of the claim.ComplainedThe seller can file a counterclaim ifComplainantstayNot in 10 daysrespondProduct linkCan be restored.


according toAccording to the latest data on Etsy's website, in 2020, Etsy's“tort”It increased by 60% to more than 54000 copies.


Not onlyEtsy platform, a former Amazon executive said that malicious complaints about infringement on Amazon platform are also common, and some Amazon sellers even lost more than 1 million dollars. "ComplaintsMechanisms are oftenAbuse by competitors because Amazon is afraid of beingaccuseThe trademark right is not protected.”The former Amazon executive said.

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