Big shots gather, the first Central Cross border E-commerce Seller Brand Sail Away Summit is a hot opening!


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The first Central Cross border E-commerce Seller Brand Sailing Summit is here!  


This morning9 o'clock, byUnder the guidance of the Henan Provincial Department of CommerceYien NetworkunionFacebookHostedThe 2021 "First Central Cross border E-commerce Seller Brand Overseas Summit" was grandly held in Zhengzhou.


Cross border e-commerce giants gather, and the first Central Cross border E-commerce Seller Brand Sail Away Summit is booming!


This conference is divided into two special sessions: Amazon and Independent Station. At the event site,Billion level sales and platform leaders took turns to participate, dedicating a feast of luxury to the sellers present from various aspects such as brand building, transformation layout, multi-channel operation, enterprise construction and management.


Amazon sellers gather to share an e-commerce feast


At the Amazon venue, Sun Qi, the Director of the E-commerce Department of the Henan Provincial Department of Commerce, first delivered a speech, analyzing the current situation of cross-border e-commerce in Henan and providing prospects for the future of cross-border e-commerce in the central region!


B2B tycoons gather, and the first Central Cross border E-commerce Seller Brand Sail Away Summit is booming!


subsequentlyThe person on stage is Zhang Liuming, the brand director of Zhiou, whoDelivering a speech on "Three Origins for Building Global Consumer Brands".


E-commerce platform experts gather, and the first Central Cross border E-commerce Seller Brand Sail Away Summit is booming!


Zhang Liuming stated that there is no groundbreaking insight into the three origins of building global consumer brands: product strength, localization, and brand strength. What can be shared is years of practical experience from Zhiou. In terms of product strength, Zhiou regards it as the core of building a global brand, from the perspective of users, to gain insight into the true needs of consumers. Market research, product development, renovation, and transformation are all indispensable details.


She said that polishing every exquisite product with the spirit of craftsmanship and constantly updating and iterating is a key to improving product competitiveness. Currently, Zhiou has launched nearly a thousand new products every year.


In terms of localization, when Zhi Europe embarked on its global layout, it set up branches in the United States and Japan, starting from Germany. Zhang Liuming provided his own example, stating that Zhiou has established a localization design center in Los Angeles, built a localization team, fully utilized local talent advantages, and achieved an international industrial layout of product design, marketing content, warehousing and logistics, and customer service localization.


In terms of brand power, Zhiou deeply understands the concept of brand funnel. From the initial consumer perception of the brand, acceptance of the brand concept, to the decision to purchase the product, and finally to deep recognition of the product and brand value. Progressive layer by layer, while increasing consumer stickiness towards the brand, it also increases the conversion rate of orders.


She also said that in addition to building a brand funnel, Amazon's internal marketing flywheel, emphasis on social marketing, and strengthening overseas marketingKOL cooperation is a key point in building brand strength.


Next, Zheng Wenqing, Chairman of Henan Rebecca Hair Products Co., Ltd., focused onThe theme of "Transformation and Development Layout of China's Hair Products Industry" was given a speech.


Cross border e-commerce giants gather, and the first Central Cross border E-commerce Seller Brand Sail Away Summit is booming!


Traditional trade has been greatly impacted, and the e-commerce market is booming. Foreign trade enterprises urgently need to accelerate the development of new forms and models of foreign trade such as cross-border e-commerce and online transactions, in order to form beneficial supplements to offline channels.


Zheng Wenqing stated that Rebecca isI made my first attempt at cross-border e-commerce in 2015, but ended in failure in 2016. I immediately summarized my experience and made another attempt to appear on AliExpress and Amazon in 2017.


After three years, Rebecca's human hair brand has ranked among the top in the retail category and has already occupied the chemical fiber industryHalf of the top 10 is impressive, and its NOBLE brand has been ranked first for four consecutive years. As of the end of November this year, online sales of Rebecca have accounted for one-third of the overall sales of its own brand.



Regarding the experience of transformation, Zheng Wenqing stated that it includes four aspects: fully utilizing offline sales channels and integrating online and offline; OnlineTO B&TOC platform dual drive; Expand new markets in Eastern Europe and Asia, and increase market penetration; Play with new media, internet celebrities, and content marketing, and develop independent websites.



Later, a head of Amazon's oversold product operations director in ShenzhenJerry gave a speech on the theme of "How Amazon Sellers Operate Through Multiple Channels under the New Policy".


He expressed great optimism about the development of the entire e-commerce industry, especially in regions such as Europe, Japan, and the Middle East where the growth rate has surpassed that of North America.


For the multi-channel layout that most sellers want to achieve, they will use AliExpressPlatforms such as Wish and eBay have conducted analysis to help sellers choose the platform that suits them. For example, AliExpress needs to establish a corporate identity and promote branded stores, with a high market share;WSH will focus on short videos and branded stores in 2022, and needs to pay attention to the fine policy; EBAy is the top choice platform for sellers in Japan, but it is difficult to obtain traffic and sellers still have to focus on Red Sea competition.


He also emphasized that it is necessary to choose what to do based on the market, operational categories, and business modelsFBA, FBM, or comprehensive sellers, in order to become FBA merchants, sellers need to choose a platform that supports brand stores, emphasizes product quality, and buyers' shopping experience.


In addition, he also stated that cross-border e-commerce sellers must avoid heavily polluting products to avoid affecting the company's performance due to platform and government policies.


After Jerry's sharing, Zhang Sen, a 10-year e-commerce veteran co founder of Henan Langu Technology, shared his experience in cross-border enterprise construction and management with the theme of "Cross border E-commerce Enterprise Information Construction and Management".


Firstly, the company will enhance team cohesion through hiking activities, book fairs, debate competitions, and tug of war projects; Secondly, it is to arrange the tasks of each staff member based on the average through daily business data; Finally, after talent loss, a summary will be made and experience will be accumulated to achieve the goal of improving work efficiency.


Zhang Sen also stated that the company will hold a fission entrepreneurship competition in five to five groups, with the business management department providing daily business data and the human resources department evaluating the results of individuals and organizations360 degree performance evaluation and performance coaching.



Culture is the foundation of a company, and companies need to promote corporate culture to employees through daily training, taking on the important mission of cultural inheritance, "Zhang Sen said. Moreover, enhancing personal abilities, mobilizing the overall organizational capabilities, summarizing and extracting company knowledge assets, and managing them properly are all important reasons for promoting the company's sustained profitability.


In the final summit forum segment, guests discussed and shared the theme of exploring the core advantages and trend interpretation of sellers in the central region of cross-border e-commerce platforms: from the recently concluded Black Five, what are the categories and characteristics of cross-border e-commerce outbreaks this year; Which emerging markets still have opportunities; How long are the dividends of platform e-commerce remaining and how to grasp them; As the chairman, suggestions for talent management in cross-border e-commerce in China.


Independent stationThe special event has been a big hit, with big sellers pouring their money into it


The independent station venue is also full of goods.Chen Zhen, Vice General Manager of Facebook's New Business Development, Guo Xinhua, VP of Jikeyin, and Li Zheng, Business Director of Snapchat ChinaMany influencers have brought dry goods sharing about independent station marketing, and on-site sellers have benefited a lot.


Firstly,Chen Zhen, Vice General Manager of New Business Development on FacebookHas brought usUtilize overseas social media big data to accurately layout blue ocean categories”A wonderful speech on the theme.

 Cross border e-commerce platform experts gather, and the first Central Cross border E-commerce Seller Brand Sail Away Summit is booming!


What many sellers are paying attention toIs it a platform or an independent station”Mr. Chen provided detailed explanations to sellers on this issue through a comprehensive analysis of the industry development situation and successful cases of trendy brands going overseas from 2016 to 2020.


Mr. Chen believes that whether to become an independent station or notFirstly, we need to consider the suitability of the product, and secondly, we need to focus on precise target users and establish a marketing funnel.


In Mr. Chen's opinion, the seller builds1-3 stations operate products and prioritize user experience; Establishing 100 stations to continue the platform's multi account strategy focuses on traffic and lightweight user experience. Therefore, Mr. Chen suggests that independent station sellers can consider moving closer to building 1-3 stations and adopting a branding approach.


In addition, Mr. Chen also introducedMeta's new customer expansion team (acquisition&activation) can help more potential new advertisers make continuous progress by prioritizing four categories: clothing and video, home and gardening, health and beauty, and outdoor sports.


Mother's Day is approaching, what should independent website sellers pay attention to when selecting products and advertising? Regarding this issue, Mr. Chen provided suggestions to sellers based on the expected sales expenditure data of consumers during Mother's Day. He stated that the shopping intensity of male consumers cannot be ignored, and sellers should pay more attention to both product selection and keywords.


Nowadays, the cross-border e-commerce industry is developing rapidly, and many sellers are turning their attention to the Southeast Asian market. So, how should sellers layout to grow faster? Around this issueJi Ke YinVP Guo XinhuaBringingSoutheast AsiaThe survival secret of COD independent station”The keynote speech, based on years of experience, shared the survival secrets of Southeast Asian independent stations with sellers.


The first Central Cross border E-commerce Seller Brand Sail Away Summit has opened with the gathering of information experts! 

Mr. Guo shared the current situation of e-commerce in Southeast Asia. Mr. Guo stated that for sellers,Normalization of the epidemic, rising prices of bulk commodity raw materials, and weakened consumption power due to economic contractionIt affects three aspects: warehousing, cost, and unit price per customer.


Whether online or offline, its essence is retail, and the core elements of retail are composed ofpeople”“goods”“site”Three point composition. Among them, considering that the current payment chain and basic network construction in Southeast Asia are not mature, independent station sellers need to focus on payment issues.


Subsequently, Mr. Guo explained the organizational structure and operational organization of the enterprise, listing the existing problems in many large enterprisesInformation blockage, separate operations, low efficiency, complex decision-making, and bloated organizationFive major issues, introducingAmoeba business management model, i.eUnified thinking, working in universities, participating in management, and cultivating talents.

Cross border e-commerce and logistics experts gather, and the first Central Cross border E-commerce Seller Brand Sail Away Summit is booming!

Next,Aopeng International MarketingVP Zhao XiJustRefined operation strategy and key elements of independent stations”With the theme of "people, goods, and markets that the site focuses on", "key elements of optimizing the operation path under the full funnel", and "KPI assessment", a speech will be delivered to help sellers solve operational difficulties and questions.


Subsequently, Mr. Zhao shared with everyone how to operate under the full funnel. Mr. Zhao believes that in the first stage of the funnel, which is the brand building stage, sellers should pay attention to the demographic characteristics, behavioral characteristics, and psychological preferences of users, and set up strategies for them; In the initial diversion stage, sellers should polish their products to focus on user experience, pay attention to user retention and loyalty; In the final payment stage of the funnel, sellers can refer to local e-commerce websites, seek professional advice from partners, and the customer service team should communicate with users more and conduct user research in a timely manner.


For cross-border sellers, using online marketing methods such as social media to enter the international market is both a wise move and a trend.


Snapchat China Business DirectorLi ZhengBringing a theme to everyoneSnapchat E-commerce dividends from a new social perspective”Speech.


Cross border e-commerce platform experts gather, and the first Central Cross border E-commerce Seller Brand Sail Away Summit is booming!


Data display, inSnapchat,The reach rate for young audiences aged 18 and above is as high as 40%. 200 million Snapchatters use AR technology every day, and AR is a complete funnel solution that has an impact at every consumer touchpoint.


stayIn terms of how independent stations can create differentiated overseas marketing models, Mr. Li mentioned that sellers need to determine marketing plans from the beginning, find the correct audience, and plan marketing links in the early and growth stages of the brand.


Finally, Li summarized and explained the successful cases of joint sellers, and both domestic and foreign merchants utilized theSnapchatAR - Trial wearing filters achieved an increase in sales.


Social media and other online marketing methods have propelled cross-border e-commerce into the fast lane, while branding and deepening the supply chain have become the core key. At the meeting,Sun Hui, Vice President of Jingke Supply Chain CenterwithBuilding a Data-driven Flexible Supply Chain for Fast Fashion Cross border E-commerce”As the theme, we talked aboutBrand building requires refinementThe importance of cross-border sellers.

Cross border information experts gather, and the first Central Cross border E-commerce Seller Brand Sail Away Summit is booming!

Firstly, the development process and market analysis of cross-border industry trends, as stated by Mr. Sun30-50 years are a great opportunity for cross-border e-commerce. Among them, the Red Sea period must become "small and beautiful" through refined product selection and refined operation, bid farewell to "large and comprehensive", closely follow the pulse of platform and industry development trends, persist in learning and innovation, integrate resources, and deeply cultivate the supply chain.


He pointed out that the current pain point in the clothing industry is that the good ones are quickly sold out, andThe difficulty of "flipping orders" results in a large amount of inventory that is difficult to sell. The current dilemma faced by the fast fashion industry's product supply chain is that the process is uncontrollable and the price is unreliable; Unreliable quality and opaque information.


So, how should we build a clothing supply chain system? Mr. Sun mentioned that firstly, it is necessary to comprehensively integrate supply chain informatization (establish a system), secondly, maintain good supplier cooperation relationships (establish relationships), and finally, have support and cooperation from the front, middle, and back ends (establish rules).

B2B tycoons gather, and the first Central Cross border E-commerce Seller Brand Sail Away Summit is booming!

The final round table discussion session,Chen Zhen, Vice General Manager of Facebook's New Business Development, Guo Xinhua, VP of Jikeyin, Wang Shuaipeng, VP of Little Warcraft, Zhao Wenzhong, Project Leader of Henan Langu Technology Independent Station, and Sun Hui, Vice President of Jingke Supply Chain CenterGuests discuss and share several topics: marketing channel selection and cost control; Brand building of independent stations; The challenge of flexible supply chains in cross-border e-commerce; Suggestions for platform sellers to transition to independent sites.


The enthusiasm of the attendees is high, and the venue of the independent station has been extended by nearlyIn one hour, the scene was filled with dry goods and everyone gained a lot.


At this point, this game isFacebook Title, Lotte ExpressSnapchat, BaiduinternationalDian Sifang, Xichuang TechnologyMainstream cross-border industry service providersThe jointly sponsored morning conference speech was officially deliveredfinishMany experts have shared their years of experience and secrets with everyone, and they are full of goods. This afternoon, the attending guests will bring more dry goods to share, and Yi' will continue to present exciting performances for everyone!



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