Prediction of sales in 2022! Pinterest announces popular search categories


Author:Yu Xiaoying
Source: ennews

Globally ownedPinterest for 400 million usersRecently released a《2022GlobalTrendsReport. It is understood that the report is based onPinterestplatformFrom October 2019 to September 2021.


According to the report,Generation Z is promoting anewAccessoriestrendThese accessories go far beyond basic earrings and necklacesetc.。 The platform foundThe search volume of ear decorations (such as ear studs) has increased in the selected time300%;rhinestoneToenailAdded150%Skin puncture decorationAdded145%The search volume of crystal eye makeup has increasedoneone0%


In fashion, pearl jewelry is attracting consumers' attention. stayPinterestOn, the search volume of men's pearl necklaces has increased700%; Pearl dress increased by 300%; The simple pearl ring increased by 200%; Pearl themed parties increased by 200%; Pearl wedding decorations increased by 185%.


In addition, consumers are increasingly interested in bright colored clothes.PinterestUsers' search for gorgeous clothes has increased1600%, followed by purplish red dress (400%), rainbow dress (200%), electric blue dress (140%) and gradient dress (95%).


At the same time, Gothic style products are also popular with users.PinterestThe number of searches for gothic pajamas has increased185%; Gothic baby clothes increased by 120%; Followed by Gothic business casual clothing (90%), Gothic kitchen decorations (85%) and Gothic cowboys (70%).


In addition, users also like the chessboard pattern. according toPinterestThe search volume of square floor tiles has increased500%, followed by checkered carpets (400%), chessboard nails (165%), chessboard patterns (160%) and checkered men's suits (95%).


In terms of clocks, users' search for wall decorations of super large clocks has increased700%; Fashion watches and men's luxury watches increased by 600%.

 B2b2022 sales forecast! Pinterest announces popular search categories

As for pet products, the search volume of relevant facilities for cats to live and play has increased400%; In addition, searches for kennels increased by 200 per cent.

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