Advertising function of Amazon sponsored products: Impression Share and Impression Rank


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Cross border sea going Amazon sponsored product advertising function: Impression Share and Impression Rank

In the last update,Amazon AdvertisingPlatform isSponsored Products(Sponsorship product) launched a very useful new report called“Search Term Impression Rank ReportSearch term display times ranking report ". This report was first published in October 2020Sponsored Brands(Sponsored brand).

IReport content: IR indicators and IS indicators

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,The screenshot of the new report is shown belowSponsorship brandReports, andSponsorship productsReports look very similar and can be used in the same way.

Cross border sea going Amazon sponsored product advertising function: Impression Share and Impression Rank

The new indicators provide additional insight to enable sellers to understand how their activities compare to other sellers. include:

oneSearch Term Impression Rank(Ranking of display times of search terms)

Search Term Impression Rank(IR index for short) is the numerical ranking of the number of times and shares displayed by the seller's account under the same specific search term. A number rating of 1 means that the account has the highest share of search times under specific search conditions.

For example, on February 15, the display times of the search term "running shoes" ranked 3. This means that the other two advertising sellers generated more display times than the seller's account number on that day.

twoSearch Term Impression Share(Share of times of display of search words)

Search Term Impression Share(IS indicator for short) is the proportion of sellers among all advertising sellers in the total number of displays.

Example: On February 15, when searching for the keyword "running shoes", the seller's share of search and display times was 40%. This means that in all activities of the seller, 40% of the "running shoes" advertisements were obtained that dayNumber of demonstrations。 All other advertising sellers get the remaining 60%.

exceptTwo new important indicators, IS and IR, search termsThe Search Term Impression Share report contains the existing indicators seen by sellers in previous reports, such as the cost per click, conversion rate and click through rate under the same search term.

IIWhere can I access the report?

1. FromAmazon Seller CentralConsole, select Reports in the horizontal list.

2. Then select Advertising Reports from the drop-down menu.

3. On the advertisement report page, click the "Create report" button in the upper left corner.

From this new page, select the type of activity the seller wants to analyze and the type of report he wants. Here, the seller will find the new Search Term Impression Share column:

Advertising function of cross-border e-commerce Amazon sponsored products: Impression Share and Impression Rank

IIIHow many potential impressions of a particular search term?

Search Term Impression ShareThe report is noteworthy because it can estimateRelative search volume of search terms。 First, you need to calculate the total number of advertising displays of all advertising sellers:

B2b Amazon sponsored product advertising function: Impression Share and Impression Rank

The IS metric covers the entire account, however, in the report, search terms andNumber of demonstrationsAppear separately in each ad group/campaign. This means that if a search term appears in multiple ad groups/campaigns on a specific date, the number of ad displays must be added to multiple ad groups/campaigns.

The total number of advertising displays of all advertising sellers is not equal to the absolute search volume(That is, the amount of users searching for a specific search term in a specific period of time). This is because:

1. The display times include the display times of many different advertising sellers during the same customer's visit to Amazon.

2. The same advertisement can appear multiple times when customers visit Amazon. For example, in search results and different product pages.

3. During customer visits, multiple advertisements from the same advertising seller will appear. For example, for different ASINs.

4. The total number of displays also depends on the level of advertising activities. For example, the more advertising sellers, the more advertising positions they occupy, and the more displays they generate.

However, the total number of ads displayed by all advertisers,The seller can get a relative search volumeThat is, it can be inferred that the search volume of search term X is higher than that of y.This is because the total number of ad displays of all ad sellers will be closely related to the absolute search volume.

For example, because search term A has 500 total display times and search term B has 300 total display times, the search volume of A may be higher than that of B. Blueocean Yiguan learned that viewing the relative search volume can evaluate the display times, clicks and conversion potential of a search term, and prioritize the budget.

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