What are Amazon's ways to break through the shipping restrictions? Can you change the type of goods warehousing


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What are the methods of cross-border information Amazon to break through the shipping restrictions, and can the type of goods warehousing be changed

Sellers who mix with Amazon all the year round often encounter various problems. Shipping restrictions are common. Some sellers operate illegally on the Amazon platform, causing Amazon to restrict shipping, which brings great trouble to sellers. Why do they restrict shipping,Amazon Breaks Shipping LimitsWhat are the methods? We will show you the relevant contents below.

Some Amazon sellers take advantage of loopholes to conduct some illegal operations. Some may receive a warning from Amazon, while others may directly seal the number. Some sellers' shipments may be cancelled by the system, and some may not be able to recover.

Amazon's method of breaking the shipping limit

1、Variant Replenishment Method

Amazon generally has restrictions on replenishment. For example, the quota for new products is generally 200, which seems to have been reduced to 150 now. Replenishment can be made by using variants. For example, if 1000 sets are to be shipped, replenishment can be made through new variants, and five sub bodies can be opened. Each can build 200, that is, 200 × 5=1000, but the replenishment quantity of new products has changed, and the seller should adjust according to the actual situation.

The product can be replenished quickly through variants, but more operations may affect the weight of the product, so the seller should be cautious.

2、Consignment method

Through the same listing page and the same asin, establish multiple follow sales links, and then create a plan for each link, which can also break the shipping limit. Lanhai Yiguan reminds the same listing not to create too many follow sales repeatedly, and must pay attention to the risk factors.

3、Less construction and more delivery

It is easy to understand that you have submitted 2, but only 100 of them are actually delivered to the warehouse, which will not be affected if the quantity is not too large. However, if the quantity is large, the seller is recommended to be cautious and should not use it, because the seller's background may receive a warning letter.

4、Network Red Breaking Method

Amazon has broken through the shipping limit, and it's OKCreate a shipment, but no more than 200, then open a page, create a new shipment, and add an existing plan. If the shipment is not completed; Repeatedly open multiple shipment creation pages. The interval should not be too long or more than 5 minutes. Some sellers have tried this method successfully, but there is a risk that they may be charged high fees or rejected. Therefore, sellers must be careful.

Can the warehouse type of goods be changed?

The warehousing type is determined according to the characteristics of the goods, and the appropriate classification should be selected according to the product type, which cannot be changed.

As an Amazon seller, you must follow Amazon's rules and not take risks to do things that violate the rules, which will cause great trouble to the store. Amazon restricts shipping. You can find ways to break through the shipping restrictions from many aspects. Don't mess around. You may miss you in the peak season.

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