Follow TikTok closely and speed up the layout of overseas e-commerce in Kwai


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

along withTikTok has launched cross-border e-commerce APP overseas, and its domestic rival Kwai has also accelerated its layout in cross-border e-commerce.


AndTikTok is different from Fanno in Europe. Kwai overseas version Kwai chose another track, "live broadcast e-commerce".According to foreign media reportsKwai cooperated with Casas Bahia, the largest household appliance retailer in Brazil, and AmazFit, the Xiaomi fitness wristband, to conduct the test of live broadcast e-commerce. The goal is to take a leading position in the field of live broadcast e-commerce in Brazil.


It is understood that at present,Kwai users can already purchase goods directly in Kwai Live Studio, without having to jump outside the station. Kwai is also the first social platform to carry out live broadcast e-commerce in Brazil. During the test period, the duration of a single live broadcast of Kwai varies from 30 minutes to one and a half hours, depending on the number of viewers and the sales target of the merchants.


Mariana Sensini, Director of Kwai Brazil, added: "It is a new trend of global e-commerce to use live broadcast to display products, attract consumers and sell. We are very happy to launch this business in Brazil."


Industry insiders believe that Kwai's overseas live broadcast e-commerce process is faster than expected. However, it is reasonable for Kwai to accelerate its overseas e-commerce layout when domestic Internet and e-commerce companies join the cross-border e-commerce market.


The live broadcast e-commerce field is the dominant home of Kwai, and the financial report shows that the total e-commerce transactions of Kwai platform reached381.2 billion yuan, which is one of the largest live broadcast e-commerce platforms in the world. Kwai can also give play to his advantages by choosing the track of live broadcast e-commerce to enter cross-border e-commerce.


In addition, Brazil is a KwaiOverseasA more advantageous market.byAt the end of the second quarter of this yearThe monthly active users of Kwai overseas market exceed 180 million, about half of which are from Latin America。 according toComScore data, Kwai'sMonthly averageliveuserReached45.4 million, yeslocalDownloadsmaximalFree categoryAPPone of


Although the e-commerce market in Latin America where Brazil is located is not as good as that in Europe and the United States, its development potential is huge.Latin America is considered asOne of the regions with the fastest growth of e-commerce market in 2020, according to the prediction of Statista,2021BrazilE-commerce sales are expected to exceedUS $23.8 billion,The year-on-year growth exceeds12%

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