50 tornadoes hit the United States, and Amazon warehouse collapsed


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U.S.ATornadoes are rare in December.


Last weekend, Central AmericaeightAll states suffered at leastfiftyA tornado has struck. Up to now, the tornado disaster has killed more than 100 people, and Kentucky is the worst hit. Severe weather causes more than330000 households were without electricity.


At the same time, a large warehouse of Amazon was also severely damagedWalls androofcollapseThe scene was in disorder and several people died. Seeing this situation, many sellers are worried about the safety of their goods.


Extreme tornadoes hit the United States, leaving the scene in ruins


Although the United States is known as"The hometown of tornadoes", but tornadoes usually occur in May, December and January are the safest. However,Just last weekend, dozens of tornadoes broke out in the United States.


US Central TimeIn the evening of December 10The tornado hitArkansas, Mississippi, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and Missourietc.8 StatesMany buildings have become ruins, and more than 100 people have diedMore than 330000 households and factories were cut off, and it is estimated that the final affected population will exceed 25 million.


50 cross-border tornadoes hit the United States, and Amazon warehouse collapsed


according toU.S.AData from the Storm Prediction Center of the National Meteorological Administration,eightStates at least reported50 tornadoes


50 tornadoes of cross-border e-commerce logistics hit the United States intensively, and Amazon warehouse collapsed


The scale of this tornado disaster is large (more thanfiftyTimes), wide span (sweepingeightStates), the number of deaths is high (more than 100 at present), and climate experts analyze that it can enter the top 10 tornadoes in the United States since there are records.Some data even show that it exceedsThe King of the Tornado before World War II--The "Tri state Tornado" in 1925.


Of the eight states hit, Kentucky was the worst hit. From some pictures, we can see that the tornado passed by with ruins and ruins.


50 cross-border e-commerce tornadoes hit the United States, and Amazon warehouse collapsed


Kentucky has a factory that produces candles,At the time of the incident110 workers are working inside,The moment the tornado arrives, the workshop turned into debris on the spot, which has been confirmed79 people died, and the final death toll is likely to exceed 100.


survivorKyanna Parsons Perez recalled: "My ears began to stand up. Like a building, we just shook back and forth, then roared, and everything fell on us."


The governor of the state said,The extent of destruction is unprecedentedIt was one of the toughest nights in Kentucky's history.


At present, Kentucky has declared a state of emergency.


Biden SaturdayHe told reporters that he has been closely monitoring the situation and has calledDisaster strickenState Governors.


He said"I want to emphasize what I said to all governors that the federal government will do everything possible to help." He also said that he will deploy national guards to those states that think it is necessary.


In addition, Biden told reporters that,He plans to go to the area to investigate the damage caused by the storm when circumstances permit


The White House later said Biden had approved the Kentucky state of emergency.


A large warehouse in Amazon collapsed due to tornado


In this tornado disaster, Amazon has also become one of the victims.Amazon in IllinoisEdward ZweilA warehouse in the city became the eye of the storm.


Affected by the tornado, the warehouse collapsed on a large scale. A football field length wall and the roof of the warehouse fell, leaving a ruin. At the same timeAll 100 trucks went up in smoke.


50 tornadoes of cross-border information hit the United States intensively, and Amazon warehouse collapsed


Emergency rescue workers said the collapse of Amazon warehouse was a"Mass casualty event". It is reported that there are as many as 50 to 100 employees in the warehouse, and dozens of workers are trapped.


The latest CNN report shows that at least six people have been killed by the collapse of the warehouse. Fire Chief James Whiteford said,The recovery phase is expected to take another three daysFirst aiders will continue to search the scene for signs of life.


According to disaster modeling research organizationEnki Research estimates that the loss may reach hundreds of millions of dollars, or even 1 billion dollars.


Amazon spokespersonRichard Rocha called this a "devastating tragedy". The company "expresses condolences, prayers and deepest sympathy to the victims, their relatives and all the affected people."


Amazon founder Bezos in Beijing time10:00 on the 12thalsoSend back Ying said that he felt the newsHeartbreak.


"The news from Edwardsville was a tragedy. We were heartbroken at the loss of our team members there, and our thoughts and prayers were with their families and loved ones," Bezos wrote.


He also said that,"All Edwardsville people should know that the Amazon team will support them and will work with them through this crisis. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the rescue workers who worked tirelessly at the scene."


howeverWith tornado forecast, Amazon still lets employees work late at night,It turned out to be a tragedy and was cursed on Twitter.


While shocked by the damage caused by the tornado, the seller was also worried about his goodsWhich warehouse is it? What if my goods are recruited?”A seller said anxiously.


Another seller said:What I care about most is AmazonFour character code, if my redundant stock is in this warehouse, then compensation will be fine


In the seller's concern and constant speculation, it is said that he has received"Logistics compensation notice" email.


"The Amazon warehouse was hit by a tornado. I just saw the mail and then saw the news. That's right,namelySTL6”The seller said.


In the email, Amazon clearly stated that,In view of the recent activities of the seller's sales account, Amazon has initiated compensation and/Or cancel the compensation operation.


50 tornadoes of cross-border e-commerce logistics hit the United States intensively, and Amazon warehouse collapsed


If the seller has redundant products waiting for clearance in this warehouse, there will be no loss, butIf the product is on sale or hot, the seller may face the risk of out of stock. In particular, Christmas is less than two weeks away. If the seller's Christmas products are stored in this warehouse, the subsequent sales will be dangerous.


Write at the end:The Joplin tornado on May 22, 2011, known as the most expensive tornado in the world history, caused losses of more than 3 billion dollars in just 32 minutes, but this record is likely to be broken by the tornado in central America on the night of December 10, 2021.


Its impact is enormous. In addition to direct economic losses, it may also have a certain impact on the recovering American consumption. The United States is the main market for many sellers, and the inhibition of consumption is undoubtedly a slap in the face for sellers. In the short term, when Christmas is approaching, the consumption power will not increase and the sales will be affected, and the seller's performance will be discounted throughout the year. In the long term, it will also be unfavorable for the seller's sales next year.

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