40 million new Internet users, Southeast Asia's e-commerce market has huge potential!


Author:Yu Xiaoying
Source: ennews

The report explores the online consumption of Southeast Asian people from the number of online shoppers, shopping trends, payment methods and other aspects.


As for the number of online shoppers, the report points out that according to Google's data,This year, Southeast Asia added40 million netizens.At present, the Internet penetration rate in Southeast Asia has reached75%。 Among these netizens, eight out of ten people will shop online.Many brands are also aware of the growing number of online shoppers. Therefore, this yearThe new brand of ZALORA platform increased by 19%.


In addition, the report found that by analyzing Google's data,90% of Southeast Asians will refer to at least one e-commerce platform when shopping online. In fact, Southeast Asian consumers are cautious when comparing goods. Consumers will refer to 7.9 websites on average when making decisions, compared with 5.2 websites in 2020.


In a specific country, such as the Philippines, the average online time of consumers in this country is the longest, close to11 hours and is most likely to purchase based on sustainability considerations.


Then look at the situation in Malaysia, where the proportion of aborigines is the highest, which is88%, 22 million. Malaysian shoppers spend nearly 9 hours online on average and are most likely to be value driven.


So, what do Southeast Asians like to buy most?


according toZALORA's investigation,Perfume inZALORA dominates in personal care category, more than facial essence and conditioner. In addition, Google's data shows that,Southeast Asian people's search for luxury goods has increased significantly, especially in Singapore, compared with the level before the epidemic1.5 times.


Also, consumers are increasing their investment in casual wear and focusing on their health. As the demand for formal products declines, compared with other product categories,Men and women in the region spend more on sportswear.


Of course, with the increase of vaccination rateThe category of "Winter" is rebounding. When Singapore announced the plan of vaccination travel corridor with Germany,The search volume of "winter clothing" on ZALORA increased by 275%, and the search volume of "warm clothing" increased by 325%.


In terms of payment, Southeast Asia has290 million people "have no bank accounts". Providing alternative payment methods has become a necessity for online retailers. One of the more popular options that has emerged this year is the Buy Before Pay (BNPL) payment option.


For example, in Indonesia, the search volume of Google's eWallet service has increased by about10 times, and the search volume of BNPL service has increased by about 15 times.


Other attractive payment methods, such as monthly installment, credit card0% of interest expense improves financial inclusiveness while providing high-quality products and services.

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