Spanish consumers have "Amazon dependence", and 64% prefer large e-commerce platforms!


Author:Zeng Xuening
Source: ennews

Although e-commerce is a relatively new market in Spain, it is not as mature as other European and American countries.But according toEuropean online transport companyPacklink ofThe report shows that,Two out of 10 Spaniards bought online in November, and more than 56% spent more than 50 euros.


According to the report, SpainMen aged 40-50 spend more than 50 Euros per month online, usually for gifts, clothing or technology products. In addition, Spanish consumers also like to focus on shopping during large discount seasons, such as Black Friday and Christmas. In the shopping season, the sales of technology products and clothing were the best, with 52% and 48% respectively.


The survey also found that Spanish consumersThe phenomenon of "Amazon dependence" is that compared with the continuous growth of SMEs, they prefer to consume on Amazon, eBay, AliExpress and other large e-commerce platforms, accounting for about 64%.


Although the acceptance of large e-commerce platforms in Spain is relatively high, this year it seems that the development momentum of small and medium-sized enterprises is also very strong, and there is still much room for development.Packlink ofAccording to the marketing directorThe performance of e-commerce market in 2021 shows that the economy is on the road of recovery. According to this trend, small and medium-sized e-commerce enterprises will experience strong growth next year.


Compared with other European countries, Spanish consumers prefer to buy food products online22% of Spanish respondents said they had bought. In Britain and Germany, the proportion is 11% and 8% respectively.


On the other hand, Spanish consumers pay more attention to product reviews when shopping online.have46% of respondents said that product evaluation is the decisive factor in deciding their purchase. Therefore, merchants should try to pay attention to the management of the comment area when laying out the Spanish market. With high-quality service, consumers can leave a good impression on the products and stores, and then get positive comments to improve the store image and sales.


The development of Spanish e-commerce market is not as good as that of other European countries, but from all kinds of data, the future development prospects are still promising. Therefore, the enterprise seller can formulate a marketing strategy that conforms to the preferences of consumers according to the local market conditions to win the local market.

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