Category product misfire? Inflation hits America hard


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Online sales growth6.8%, the growth of e-commerce in the United States slowed down


According to the data released by the U.S. Department of CommerceIn the third quarter of 2021, the growth of e-commerce in the United States has slowed down, and consumers' offline spending has surpassed online spending.


In terms of data,Its online sales in the third quarter reachedUS $204.62 billion, up 6.8% from US $191.57 billion in the same period last year,AndThe 9.2% year-on-year growth in the second quarter of 2021 slowed down again.


But compared with the pre epidemicCompared with the third quarter of 2019, e-commerce sales increased by 45.6%. Due to the COVID-19, people's spending patterns have changed, resulting in an increase of 19.11 billion dollars in online revenue in the third quarter of this year.


In addition, the online penetration rate of the United States also declined, but by a small margin, from the same period last year18.8% to 18.1% in the third quarter of 2021. According to the data, online sales still account for the largest proportion of all spending channels of American consumers.


This is closely related to the fact that American consumers are more willing to shop online, thus promoting the proportion of digital products in retail sales to increase year by year. In addition, during the epidemic, many offline stores were forced to close, and most offline consumers also turned to online, eventually forming stickiness to online shopping.


Cross border e-commerce platform category products misfire? Inflation hits America hard

Although at presentThe online sales share of all channels in the United States did not exceed20%However, as the epidemic situation was controlled and people were encouraged to shop offline, the penetration rate of online sales did not fall back immediately.


In fact, affected by the epidemic, it not only ignited a large number of outdoor products, but also made online sales in the United States flourish. However, the impact of inflation and other aspects in the United States has led to a decline in consumer spending power and a slowdown in the growth of e-commerce, which may have a certain impact on the sales of cross-border sellers.


The growth rate of bicycle market slows down and will increase again next year


Affected by the supply chain, the rapidly growing bicycle market during the epidemic was put on a brake.


according toNPD Group data, as of October 2021In the pastIn 12 months, the revenue of the U.S. bicycle market increased by 3% over the previous year, slightly higher than $8.4 billion.andThe same period last year,BicyclicSales increased45%。


NPD Sports Industry Analystthinklast yearAppearingfastGrowth isAffected by epidemic。 stayepidemic situationDuring this period, it provides social contact, outdoor leisure and sports activitiesBicycleproductWas welcomedAt the same time,Bicycle accessoriesHelmets, shoes and glovesAnd other peripheral products have also achieved rapid growth.


At present,The categories with the highest sales areMountain BikeChildren bicycleElectric bicycles and road bikes. The fastest growing is the electric bicycle,In the past two years, the sales of electric bicycles have increased240%。This is because the electric bicycle can meet the needs of the elderly, facilitate their participation in family outdoor activities, and solve the commuting needs of densely populated areas during the epidemic.


As for the reasons for the slowdown of bicycles this year,NPD believes that it is mainly affected by the supply chain, especially someThere is a serious shortage of parts for mountain bikes, high-end road bikes and some fitness bikes.However, the situation is expected to improve.


according toNPD's inventory data shows that the sales to inventory ratio of many of these bicycle categories is increasing. At the same time, some policies of the US government will also promote the growth of bicycle sales.


Infrastructure Investment and Employment ActWill increaseStreet safetyInvestment ofThis willHelps to reduce cyclingCyclistSecurity issues.At the same time,United States House of RepresentativesalreadyapprovalHasBetter Reconstruction Bill, which is under consideration by the Senate.If the bill is passed,Selling price lower than$4000 electric bicycleHighest availableA subsidy of $900 and a bicycle commuting benefit of up to $81 per month.



Analysts said:If thebillhave toadoptThese will strongly encourage consumers to buy and ride bicycles.”NPD Group expects that the sales of bicycles may return to strong growth next year.


However, the US government has been involved in the epidemic round by roundThe "coin scattering" has also brought about serious inflation problems.

Cross border e-commerce products are dead hot? Inflation hits America hard

The inflation inflation in the United States hit five areas hard


Since the outbreak, the United States"Spending money" has exceeded 10 trillion dollars, but in fact, people in the United States are still facing rising prices, supply chain shortages and other problems.


It is reported that in the past year, the prices of many commodities in the United States have risen again and again. This yearIn May, a large number of people reported economic difficulties and did not have the ability to buy necessities. Many American families had become difficult in their daily lives, and even millions of families could not afford heating.


sinceSince 1996, the inflation rate in the United States has generally maintained a stable range. However, in recent months, the prices of some products have shown an upward trend, with the increase far exceeding this level. The search volume for the term "inflation" has also soared to the highest level in a decade.


Data shows that,Gasoline, natural gas, used cars, meatas well asFurniture and beddingThe five major areas are most affected by inflation,The price increases are50%、28%、26%、15%、12%。 In addition, in the past year,The prices of ham, eggs, pork, washing machines and dryers have also risen10%~20%。


Influenced by inflation, in order to reduce expenditure as much as possible, the consumption habits of American consumers are also changing. According to a survey48% of American consumers willReduce eating out or ordering takeout30% of consumers willDo not replace existing electronic products (such as mobile phones and tablets)29% of consumers willReduce spending on food29% of consumers willReduce clothing shopping23% of consumers willDelay the house decoration


Influenced by the epidemic situation, economic environment and other factors, the U.S. supply chain crisis has not been resolved. In addition, the local unemployment has surged, the main consumer force has been gradually weakened, and the purchasing power is far less than before. During the "Black Five" period, many sellers from American websites reported that"This year's Black Friday seems to be colder"


According to the report released by Adobe, the online sales of the "Black Five" in the United States this year were 8.9 billion dollars, which was the first time that sales fell during the Black Five period in history. Even the sales data on Thanksgiving Day were lower than expected.


In view of this situation, some insiders believed that it was due to the impact of the epidemic and the supply chain that online shopping products could not be delivered in time, so many local people chose to shop offline, resulting in a decrease in online orders, butThe combination of online and offline is still the trend of future development


On the whole, with the increasing number of shopping applications, the gradual improvement of mobile payment, and the growing maturity of the retail market, online retail in the United States still has great market potential in the future.

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