Amazon's "super boutique store" model, which sells 200 million yuan per link and walks on the wire


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Since May of this year, the mass SKU's big shop model has suffered a severe setback.
More and more sellers have turned to the "super boutique model", namelyA store has only a few links, or even one link.
An executive of a leading seller company revealed to the Blue Ocean Yiguan website domain news that the phenomenon of single store links with only one digit is becoming more and more common.
"I've seen some great sellers,One link can earn money a year2-3 billion。 This kind of store that pursues perfection has a much higher safety factor than those stores that sell goods. "
Not only the big sellers, but also many small and medium-sized sellers are increasingly praising this "super boutique shop".
Kang Xingyue, the seller, runs this kind of "mini super boutique shop". His shop only sellsOne product,eachMonthly salesCan reach30 thousanddollarAbove, andReturn rateLow toInsufficient1%It can be called the best of the best.
"Making a product deep and refined is a lesson I learned in exchange for blood and tears." He said.
From 2017 to 2018, Kang Xingyue, who has worked for Amazon for many years, resigned from a company to work alone.
At that time, he wanted to do everything. As long as he had done well in the company before, he put many products on the shelves. As a result, two years laterI lost 500000 yuan,It happened that we were married and had children, so we had a hard time.
In 2019, Kang Xingyue had to find a company to work and continued to operate his own shop. Due to his limited energy, he began to streamline the products of his shop, and finallyThere are only two left,Operation is also "laissez faire", which puts more energy on the company's stores.
Unexpectedly, after the simplification of their store products, they gradually began to make profits.
After tasting the benefits, Kang Xingyue continued to downsize, cut down the product with poor sales and profits, and focused on the only product left.
Then, depending on a product, his store sold more than 30000 dollars a month, and the profit was quite good.
Although this number is nothing compared with big sellers, it is already a good result for such "part time sellers".
In recent years, more and more sellers are trying to sell such extreme boutiques as Kang Xingyue.One account and several links are becoming more and more common.
VCKOVCKO, a big wig seller on AmazonshopProducts inquantityhowever5,Each linkThe monthly sales ofUS $120000.

One link of the cross-border e-commerce platform Amazon sells for 200 million yuan, and the "super boutique shop" model walks on the wire

(The picture shows VCKOVCKO wig products on Amazon)
Zhang Mai, the seller, also highly esteems such an extreme boutique shop. He believes that this is a very feasible model for small and medium-sized sellers to achieve wealth accumulation.
He believes that the Amazon platform is becoming more and more competitive and the price is becoming more and more serious. We have to settle down and build it intoUltimate products,Only in this way can we achieve a long-term goal.
That isVery few linksCreate the best model toThe simplest supply chainCreate the highest sales and profits toMinimum laborCreate the highest plateau effect.
In fact, many big sellers are doing similar simple things.
Orolay, a famous Amazon down jacket seller in New York,It is committed to making boutique stores. A company has more than 100 people, and only one store, and has made great efforts in selecting products.
In the early stage, Orolay conducted a lot of research on the market, and then every year at its review meeting, it will select 50 designs from more than 480 models to go on the market, with the elimination rate as high as 90%.
During the sales process, Orolay designers will constantly track the platform data and view the research reports of professional websites.
Before the epidemic, Qiu Jiawei, the founder of Orolay, also led a team to the United States and Europe to find coffee shops with a large flow of people. Count people one by one to see how many people on the street wear down jackets, which brands, which colors, whether the style is long or short, and whether the waist is closed or loose.
Then, the team members recorded the word "Zhengzi" in this word, counted a large number of first-line data, and then provided sufficient reference for the selection.

One link of cross-border information Amazon sells 200 million yuan, and the "super boutique store" mode is on the wire

(The picture shows that users on Instagram actively share Orolay down jacket)
With this "stupid" method, Orolay iterated out the "Amazon jacket" that became popular in New York. During Prime Day in 2020, the sales volume of 10000 down jackets broke Amazon's sales record.
The most critical factor for the success of such super boutique stores is to keep improving and upgrading products.
Wende, the factory seller, is also a beneficiary of this model.
From the second half of 2020, Wende will turn to the direction of high-quality goods, and build new storesThe number of SKUs shall be controlled within 10,The production line and mold have been specially modified for these products.
At present, 3-4 products have been sold on the market, and the revenue generated is several times that of the past.
"The explosion of these products makes my hand better. Now, I have more confidence in the selected SKUs."
Wende believes that the selection of super boutique stores,It should not be a "static option", only stay in the current and current products. Instead, it should be based on a deep understanding of multiple products, constantly optimize and transform, and develop better products.
"Deepening the supply chain is not just a simple statement. Big data can only be an auxiliary product. A truly soulful product can only be developed when we take off our shoes, step on the soil, and go deep into the capillaries of the market."
Of course, this "super boutique" model also has some problems. For many sellers, it is just a tightrope. If they are not careful, they may fall off the cliff.
Compared with the distribution mode of massive SKUs, this kind of store with only a few links has huge risks.The choice of products determines life and death. Once the wrong choice is made, the whole army may be destroyed.
The most important reason why Kang Xingyue's shop above can achieve a monthly sales of 30000 dollars per link is that he is a veteran of cross-border e-commerce for many years, has rich experience in selecting products of this category, and has a deeper understanding and cognition of the products he has made.
Liu Ling, the seller, believes that the selection of such super boutique stores is not easy.
first,We should find one or two products with moderate price and plastic space in the category of blue ocean long tail. However, this kind of product is very rare at present. It takes a lot of luck to meet one.
It is even more fantastic to rely on "data selection". The data provided by most of the selection tools are currently popular products, which means that many competitors are already doing it.
Secondly, after the product is selected, the measurement is a problem. When the advertising is high, not only the cost is high, but also the payment measurement effect cannot be achieved; However, if the advertising is low, it is easy to miss the potential explosive.
Xu Ying, the seller of super boutique stores, "fell over" in the selection.
Xu Ying was interested in a very popular juice cup in China and opened a new account,It is intended to be a super boutique shop.
"At that time, through various selection data, repeated demonstration and analysis, we had great confidence in this product and spent a lot of money to develop this product."
In the view of Xu Ying's team, Americans love outdoor sports and "DIY", so there is a large demand for juicers. Then such a portable juice cup is likely to become a blockbuster on Amazon.
However, after the product was put on the shelves, the reality gave Xu Ying and others a big slap in the faceMore than 500000 yuanYuan,Evaluation and advertisement are always on the spot. The final effect of the new product on the market was far less than expected, so the overall plan was madeAbout100 thousand
Now, on Amazon America, some portable juice cups with similar functions have sold well, but Xu Ying and others have not yet understood why such a product that should be popular in terms of data and theory has not become a popular product.
In addition to the operation capability, it may be related to the time of entering the market,Xu Ying's products have become the "martyrs" of the education market.

The "super boutique shop" mode of going to sea Amazon, which sells 200 million yuan per link, is on the wire

(The picture shows the juice cup on Amazon Note: not Xuying product)
Xu Ying concluded that, if he made a heavy bet on a product that he thought would become a big hit, he might fall into a big hole. Successful boutique stores are generally based on the seller's rich experience in the category in the past, and are optimized and iterated by jogging.
❑ "Fine shop" supply chain relying on "legs"
For factory owners and big sellers, such upgrading iteration is not too difficult. However, for small and medium-sized sellers, it is a difficult problem to find reliable suppliers and factories willing to change products.
In this regard, Li Yun, a senior seller, introduced his own method to the Blue Ocean Yiguan website domain news.
"In fact, there is no mysterious means. My supply chain is completely run by legs. I think this method should be very suitable for small and medium-sized sellers with insufficient resources."
According to Li Yun, they will search for a product on 1688 after they decide to make it. Then, the supplier in that place on the observation platform is the most.
The place with the largest number of suppliers is generally the concentrated origin of this product.Then, Li Yun will go directly to the place of origin and run the factory one by one.
"When we were making some outdoor products, we found that many factories in Jiangsu were producing them, so we flew there overnight,It took me a weekend to run all the factories over there. "
Li Yun believes that it has many advantages to find factories in the production distribution centers of some products.
First of all, you can "shop around" to find the best quality products at the best price.
Secondly, because the whole region is producing such products, the factory owners and production workers will have a deeper understanding of the products, and can find some unexpected development directions, as well as the matching methods of surrounding products.
"The bosses of some small workshops are very talkative. Talk to them about how you can know something about an industry you are not familiar with. This includes which local manufacturer has the best product quality and which one has the highest production capacity." Li Yun said.
Li Yun also has some experience in selecting suppliers. For example, ask whether the factory has relevant qualification certificates and whether it has a certain understanding of packaging. With these hardware, it proves that the factory also supplies to other Amazon sellers, which will make cooperation easier.
"Including the choice of logistics providers, the seller also needs to be patient to run and prepare more options."
Li Yun believes that the supply chain is crucial to store operation and is the aorta of the store. Only by going deep into the production line personally can we have a deeper understanding of the product.
Mr. Qi, a fitness equipment supplier in Xiamen, feels the same way.
"Take the treadmill as an example. The performance of treadmills on the market varies greatly. How can we find the best product if we don't try it on the spot?"
Mr. Qi believes that some treadmills have poor load-bearing capacity and are prone to failure; Some treadmills make noises when they are restarted after being placed for a long time, and they will disappear after running for a period of time.
"The two machines that are very similar on the surface may actually be very different. From the perspective of bearings alone, there is a big difference between using good bearings and using ordinary bearings, and finally feeding back to the products. In my opinion, it is an indispensable process to find a good supplier, go to the factory to actually check and try the products."
It is said that "a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step". For many small and medium-sized sellers, the supply chain that relies on their own "legs" may be more reassuring.
I wonder if the sellers are optimistic about this type of boutique store? Do you have better opinions and suggestions? Welcome to leave a message to discuss communication. (Text/Blue Ocean Yiguan of cross-border e-commerce)
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