Amazon ranks first in search volume, and technology products are the most popular!


Source: ennews

This year, due to the epidemic situation and tight supply chain, consumers in many countries around the world have been greatly affected when shopping in peak seasons. According to foreign media reports, research companiesSmartKeyword carried out extensive analysis on French black in 2021 according to the query most typed on Google.


It is understood that,AmazonThe "Black Five" campaign began in France more than half a month earlier,toOffer special offers in France on November 8.

Amazon needs to consider the impact of the epidemic and provide reliable services for French consumers. It also postponed the Black Five campaign, which lasted almost all November, but the product search volume of French consumers began to increase from the week before the Black Five.


During the Black Five, Amazon124000 searches topped the list, ahead of Cdiscount (79000), Darty (66000) and Fnac (43000).


In this year's French shopping category,Fashion category accounts for the total search volume8.4%,Intelligent technology products are the most popular, and game consoles, phones, televisions, smartphones and computers have the highest search volume.

Plus video games, they account for15.1%, almost twice the search volume of fashion category.


The epidemic has had a great impact on the way people shop. More and more people are starting to shop onlineAccording to a study conducted by Fersection, Black Friday is a good time for 51% of French people to prepare Christmas gifts.


From the search volume, we can see that French consumers have a high interest in electronic products, and they will buy good Christmas gifts during the whole Black Five period. Recently, the epidemic situation in Europe has become increasingly tense, and the new variant strains may pose a threat to the French Christmas season, which will greatly affect the physical retail.


At that time, online shopping will become the choice of many consumers. Sellers can closely follow the shopping preferences of French consumers, make Christmas marketing plans in advance, and of course, control the sales dynamics under the epidemic situation.

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