Don't drain from TikTok! Shenzhen's Billion Brand Sales Reveal New Product Tactics


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This year, many sellers are complaining that new products are becoming increasingly difficult to promote. The main reason for this is that due to the tightening of Amazon policies, the original method of promoting new products by brushing orders suddenly stopped working, so sellers turned their attention to advertising. But soon they found that there were more monks and less porridge. Not only did the advertising expenses increase sharply, but the transformation was not ideal.


Under the new policy, how to use advertising to promote new products has become a problem that troubles many sellers. For this reason, Yi' interviewed Shenzhen Yi', which hasDa Bing, the person in charge with 8 years of Amazon's overseas experience, told us about the advertising and promotion strategies for new products under the new policy.


Brushing orders is suppressed, advertising becomes a life-saving straw for sellers to promote new products


An Amazon operator who has been working for two years asked Zhihu, "Previously, all new products were promoted through order brushing to assist in advertising. Now, Amazon strictly controls order brushing. The newly hired company told me not to brush orders, looking confused. Does anyone know how to promote new products without brushing orders?


Under Amazon's heavyhanded crackdown on orders, I believe many people will have the above issues. And the answer to this question undoubtedly points to two wordsAdvertising.


Previously, the seller was caught brushing orders, the platform banned the account, and the brand was fine. The potential for listing and brushing orders was still there, so the impact was not very significant. However, this year Amazon severely cracked down on brushing orders, and advertising, which was previously only an auxiliary means, was pushed to an important position, "said Bing.


However, when everyone aimed at advertising as a new promotion channel, they found that its costs had skyrocketed. When analyzing the reasons, the soldier said that there are mainly two reasons:

1When it is found that the cost and loss of brushing orders are much higher than the investment in advertising, people will desperately buy advertisements when promoting new products, which is one of the reasons why advertising has skyrocketed.

IIDual inventory has swept the industry.Firstly, last year's market situation gave many people high expectations for this year, and many even made plans to double this year. As a result, the performance was not as good as expected. Therefore, the goods ordered last year were in inventory due to slow sales, and advertising was needed to clear the inventory. Secondly, the inventory of the seller who has been banned must also be cleared.


When everyone is clearing goods, you realize that clearing goods is not an easy task, so in order to make the speed of clearing goods faster, you need to buy advertisements, even if you are clearing goods at a low price, you still need to buy advertisements. "The soldier told Yien. com that the skyrocketing advertising costs this year and the higher attention people place on advertisements than ever before are all caused by these factors.


Under the skyrocketing advertising costs, product differentiation is the "way" to improve conversion rates


Influenced by the above factors, advertising expenses remain high, but the conversion rate is so poor that many people roast that this year's new products are extremely difficult to push. How should sellers respond to such a situation?


The soldier spoke bluntly,Product differentiation is the most fundamental solution to improving advertising conversion rate,This is' Dao ',Here are some tips for optimizing images and adjusting advertisementsThere are more than ten factors (techniques) that affect product conversion rate, and you cannot optimize every one to the extreme. The occasional higher conversion cannot fundamentally solve the problem


He further explained that everyone spends money on advertising. When consumers face two products at the same time, because others are old products and have a high level of data accumulation, the most direct way isWith the accumulation of reviews, the trust of customers will vary. With similar prices, they will naturally choose the mature listing. However, on the other hand, although the two products belong to the same type of product, if you launch a new product that meets certain consumer needs, the opportunity will greatly increase, and the conversion rate will naturally increase.


This is even more important for new sellers.The platform will not lean towards you in terms of traffic just because you are a new seller. Your product is just like others, or even worse, and will definitely be defeated in the competition. "Soldier admitted that when promoting new product advertising, new sellers must remember that in order to defeat the enemy, they must write articles on the product, sell products that are in line with the platform's interests and can provide buyers with a better customer experience.


But this is not absolute either. If the seller is unable to achieve differentiation and provides homogeneous products, there is another solution, which is to spend money hard,Advertising often ends in the end, and the biggest skill is'Money', because the core of advertising is words,Nowadays, due to the availability of various software, people generally have a high level of understanding of words and there will be no deviation,The quality of listing itself is also a lever. It is possible to estimate which type of advertisement, which position of advertising words, and how many orders can be produced. At this point, the competition is for 'money'. “


The soldier emphasized that what kind of product the seller can provide to the buyer determines the path they take. If you are providing ordinary, non differentiated products, prepared with money, hard work, want to spend less money, and achieve quick results, then you need to put in enough effort in product quality and differentiation.


New product advertising promotion should not be diverted from TikTok


When it comes to promoting new product advertisements to other sellers, the soldier pointed out three points:


1、 Don't be in theTikTok drainage.Firstly, the off-site traffic is quite expensive, and secondly, the various foundations of the new product are not reliable. The seller introduced traffic, and when the customer clicked on itWhen listing, there may be dozens of competitors below, which may make wedding dresses for others.


Soldier said that to do Amazon, one is to covet its cheap trafficTikTok drainage is like losing watermelon and picking sesame seeds. Don't blindly believe the "traffic diversification" promoted by some training institutions.


Those who use TikTok to create a discount code are only attracting orders, not normal traffic, "said Bing. This promotional technique is a serious low price spiral and is Wu Sangui's core strategy.


2、 Don't make some fundamental mistakes.The basics of listing, keyword research, and product quality control all require sufficient effort. Nowadays, traffic is very expensive, and if these areas go wrong, the money invested will not make a sound like falling into water.


IIIWork hard on product selection to reduce the pressure of advertising placement. Although Amazon has fierce competition, there are still many categories on the platform with minimal competition in some categories.


In selecting products, look for categories that others are not paying attention to or have lower attention to, and then find ways to make some differentiation in the product. "Da Bing believes that through the selection method of big sites and small categories, small sites and big categories, sellers can avoid fierce advertising competition.


He said that for small categories, the ranking of basic Buddhist style products can be promoted, such as through volume expansion,Because the competition in the entire category is low, at this point we can only be willing to expand and compete


He further said:The top 20 on Amazon can account for 60% of the traffic in the entire category, so when promoting new products, for less competitive categories, we fully identify product differentiation, and then increase investment to quickly occupy the top position when we see that the competition in the entire category is not very strong


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Do not divert cross-border shipments from TikTok! Shenzhen's Billion Brand Sales Reveal New Product Tactics

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