The seller's product is complained by the customer that it has defects. Listing is removed from Amazon!


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
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The seller's products at sea are complained of defects by customers. Listing is removed from Amazon!

Recently, a seller reported that after the buyer received the goods, he complained that there were defects in one of his products, which led to listing being taken off the shelf.

At present, the listing background has displayed the status of unable to edit. Click the edit button to prompt the product release limit.

After that, the seller immediately communicated with Amazon customer service, who said that they would wait for the system to capture.

After the seller's efforts, the complaint was successful, but the seller found that listing was still not available for sale.

The situation of the seller quickly attracted the attention of many other sellers and insiders

A seller said that I had encountered similar situations before, and the appeal was successful. Listing failed to sell. The solution was to delete the original link and re launch it.

Other sellers believe that they can directly open the case, find the Amazon logistics team, and let the customer service help you refresh the SKU inventory. It is estimated that normal sales will resume soon.

"If the seller sku is in inactive status, you can delete the product information with a form first, wait patiently for a few hours, and then re launch the form; if the SKU displays out of stock status, you need to contact Amazon customer service under the FBA path to refresh." An industry insider said.

listingWhy does this happen?

According to Amazon's policies and regulations, the front-line customer service of the platform has the right to ban "problem listing" when the buyer complains that the product has defects or defects.

This also makes the seller sometimes a little unprepared.

At the same time, after receiving complaints from consumers, Amazon will spot check and evaluate some of the seller's inventory stored in the warehouse.

Of course, when the seller encounters such problems, he should calm down and describe the causes of this situation as detailed and accurate as possible in the appeal.

And the seller should also know to Amazon that he has the ability to avoid similar phenomena in future store operations, such as putting forward store improvement plans.

Finally, after the inspection by the Amazon warehouse staff, there is no major problem with the product. Generally, the seller will appeal.

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