The impact of Amazon system paralysis has expanded, and the time limit for booking warehouse delivery has been extended again


Author:Liu Mengyuan
Source: ennews

According to Amazon sellers, every year in the peak season, the Amazon warehouse will be out of stock, and the shelf time will be greatly reduced. Many sellers joke that the goods have been delivered for a month or two, but they are either floating on the sea, or have arrived in the United States, or are on the way to delivery. Anyway, they are not in Amazon's warehouse.


This year is no exception. It is understood that on Tuesday, Amazon's system crashed again. This system breakdown not only affected Amazon's local distribution business in the United States, but also led to the extension of the validity of Amazon's warehouse reservation delivery.


The latest news shows that after the Amazon system is paralyzed, it is impossible to make normal reservations for warehousing, nor to change the scheduled warehousing time. The telephone hotline has also been closed. At present, the Amazon warehouseIn addition to ONT8, LAX9, LAS1 and GYR3, there are 20-30 trucks waiting to be released, and such a long queue will definitely affect the shelf life of the arrived goods.


In addition, relevant people said that after the system was paralyzed, some warehouses were even shut down. According to the current status of the Amazon warehouse, the goods that have not been signed in for the time being will be affected, and the shelf time of the goods that have been signed in will also be affected to varying degrees.


According to foreign media reports, this timeThe AWS failure not only affected Amazon's own e-commerce platform, but also impacted some major websites and streaming media applications in the United States.


It is understood that this is not the first time that the overall network of the Amazon platform has been interrupted. Before the "Black Five" promotion this year, Amazon system had downtime. For Amazon sellers, the decline in product sales, ranking and advertising data delay caused by the platform network interruption are very fatal.


It is reported that the system crash was related to network equipment and application programming interface (i.eAPI). It is the peak sales season, but the delivery time of the goods has been extended. At this time point, especially for the sellers of Christmas products, it is undoubtedly worse, because now is the time for replenishment. Amazon official said it would restore the system as soon as possible to reduce the impact on sellers.


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