Amazon jewelry sales regulations are very strict, and sellers should be careful in selecting suppliers


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The cross-border e-commerce platform Amazon jewelry sales regulations are very strict, and sellers should be cautious in selecting suppliers

AmazonWith millions of sellers and more buyers, it is one of the hottest online platforms so far. Sell on AmazonJewelleryNew sellers should know that,Amazon JewelryThe sales regulations are very strict.

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,AmazonFor sales peopleJewelleryAnd online sellers of "real" jewelry have some strict rules. Although it is troublesome to sell jewelry on Amazon, strict rules and regulations can make consumers trust Amazon's products.

Here are some basic steps to successfully sell jewelry on Amazon:

IAmazon has strict rules on jewelry sales

1. If the seller intends to sell jewelry made of gold, silver, diamonds and other popular metals and gemstones, or even sapphires, Amazon will require the seller to go through several links before the product is expected to go on sale.

2. For example, jewelry products should conform to Amazon'sJewelry Quality Assurance Standards(Jewelry quality assurance standard). This will cover all the situations of jewelry products, including the size and carats used for title naming.

3. Amazon also has different standards for sellers of fashion jewelry to ensure that consumers will not receive false or defective products.

Although sellers need to do a lot of preliminary work before selling jewelry on Amazon, they may also get high returns. After all, according to Prophotostudio, the highest price of a piece of jewelry on Amazon is $300000.

2、 AmazonJewelry competition is fierce, SEO is very important

As mentioned above, there are already millions of retailers selling their products on Amazon. Many of these sellers sell jewelry.

althoughJewelleryThe market sometimes seems too saturated, but there is still room for new sellers,Just needParticular attentionProduct launch, and optimize the description to obtainallprobablymanyThe number of clicks and views.

As a seller, you must pay close attention tolistingAll aspects of. Specifically, appropriateSEOOptimization can bring a large number of consumers to the product page

1. BringclickofDescriptive Titles

2. Descriptionmajor function Bullet Points

threedepthofProduct Description

4. Front's comments

In addition to using SEO optimization strategies tolistingBring attention,sellerIt can also help potential customers buy products more comfortably by providing certain guarantees. For more expensive jewelry items,sellerCan provide authenticitycertificateImage ofTo proveJewelleryThe quality of metals and gemstones.

In addition,sellerCan pass commitment and certificationTo attract more jewelry consumers, whose products are considered as "Fair Trade Jewelry". thisYesPromise the buyer that their jewelry is conflict freewrongconflictMinerals)No one was harmed in obtaining jewelry.

3、 Watch out for jewelrysupplier

For jewelryproductWhen looking for suppliers,sellerSpecial precautions are required. Many jewelssellerThey are not experts in precious metals and gemstones, which makes them easy to becomeUnethical suppliersThe goal of.

After selecting the supplier, send the product toAmazonPlease do some research before. even ifsellerFashion jewelry is being sold, and you should also ensure thatownChoose a reputablesupplier。 For example, many Amazon fashion jewelrysellerPromise that their products will not fade over time.

However,Some comments suggest that the jewelry has faded。 These Amazon sellers are likely to beUntrustable wholesale supplierDeceived.There are sellersPromise buyers a precious metal like goldWill not fadeIt turns green in a few months.

According to Blue Ocean YiguanThink the seller isfalsepropaganda's negative commentsWill cause serious damageAmazon listing, it may also causelistingWas completely deleted.

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