Meta promotes online shopping, and Chinese sellers add competitors?


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

According to foreign media reports,Meta (formerly Facebook) is planning to increase the investment in the store and sell more products through the store.


It is understood that,Facebookofparent companyMeta will give priority to investment in 2022advance"On site shopping", andDrive all its applications(includeFacebook, Instagram and Messenger), directly through the shop in the stationSell products.


MetaPredecessor ofFacebook has tried to enter the e-commerce field since at least 2015. In 2020, Facebook and Instagram have successively launched the store function in their applications. With the renaming of Facebook Meta, its business model has changed, and e-commerce is becoming an important part of its revenue model.


In the latest financial report meeting,Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, said, "Our next priority is business, helping people find new products they are interested in, and attracting customers to stay in our applications. We will unlock many opportunities."


OneMeta insiders said that the goal of Meta to increase its sales on the site is to increase the company's advertising revenue. According to the internal documents, if the performance of the shop advertisements on the site is better than that of leading users to open advertisements on other sites, then 2022 will be a successful year for Meta.


At the same time, the insider said,Meta's increased investment in in station sales may have an impact on some of Shopify's businesses. "Shopify is Meta's competitor, and currently Shopify is ahead of Meta."


It should be noted that,Meta's "On site shopping" business will focus on businesses with American lifestyles, while businesses from other places outside the United States are not considered to promote the "On site shopping" business. In this view, Meta will focus on supporting local American sellers in its platform.


Meta's social app has huge traffic. With the development of social e-commerce, it may also become an important e-commerce platform in the future, competing with Amazon. However, this platform has closed the door to Chinese sellers, and domestic Amazon sellers may face competition from Meta platform sellers in the future.


In addition,Will Meta's increased investment in "shopping on the site" affect its advertisements on the platform? Will the advertising flow of independent website sellers be affected? This also needs follow-up observation.

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