India Diwali Festival E-commerce turnover reached 9.2 billion US dollars!


Source: ennews

India has been plagued by the epidemic for a long time,After a long and difficult life, Indian residents finally opened up consumption on Diwali.


According to the research companyAccording to the data released by RedSeer, the total value of e-commerce companies' commodities this year is 9.2 billion US dollars, an increase of 23% compared with 2020. Many new players have joined the Diwali special sale.


Ernst&Young India's e-commerce and consumer Internet partners said that since the festival promotion is a flagship activity, many brands are also more actively involved in discount and promotion activities.


Due to the impact of the epidemic, people have been accustomed to e-commerce channels as a source of purchase, and sales have also been increasing in the past year and a half, and sales in second tier and third tier cities account for the majority.


After the month long Great India Festival, Amazon said in a blog post that79% of new customers are from second and third tier cities and towns in India. In addition, Amazon added that half of Prime members who shop during the festival are from second and third tier cities and towns.


stayDuring the festival sales period in 2021, the demand for product categories has also changed. According to the report of RedSeer, in all categories, mobile accounts for 41% of e-commerce GMV in the whole holiday season.

andAfter a year of slow growth, the fashion category has warmed up, accounting for the whole23% of GMV. It is a very positive trend for fashion and clothing to warm up again.


With the increase in the number of shoppers and total sales, the number of sellers on e-commerce platforms has also increased. E-commerce transportation and empowerment platformShipocket said that the proportion of first-time sellers joining the sales in third tier cities increased by 213%.

Saahil Goel, CEO and co-founder of Shipocket, said that nearly 47000 new sellers from third tier cities had joined the platform, and there were about 16000 sellers in 2020.


"The holiday season has brought strong growth opportunities for sellers and small, medium and micro enterprises, as well as better income and livelihood for Flipkart's supply chain partners. In fact, compared with 2020, the number of new sellers of Flipkart during this holiday season has increased by more than 55%.

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