be careful! Amazon may increase its investigation of false comments


Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

Near Christmas, as an important festival in Europe and the United States, people will celebrate with the highest enthusiasm. When they buy Christmas gifts and various decorations, e-commerce sales will also usher in a wave of peaks. Many sellers want to seize the last opportunity of selling orders at the end of the year.


Behind the soaring shopping enthusiasm of consumers,British National Trade Standards(NTS) issued a warning, asking buyers to be alert to false comments on online transactions. The Competition and Market Administration (CMA) is also increasing itsInvestigation.


According to a survey by NTS, more than half of online shoppers (56%) regard comments as the decisive factor for purchasing products or services, and 67% are more likely to buy products or services with five-star ratings, which also leads to the phenomenon of sellers' "brushing". It is reported that British consumers shop according to the favorable comments, but laterThe quantity of products that do not conform to the reality is about80 million pieces, which may affect the UK's expenditure of 23 billion pounds every year.


The national coordinator of the NTS Electronic Crime Team said: "The practice of making quick money by brushing reviews of low price and low-quality products is not only a fraud to consumers, but also damages the rights and interests of legitimate sellers. This is not an acceptable trend."


In AmazonGoogle is even more serious,last yearCMAthenTransaction of false commentsAccording to the investigation, all major e-commerce platforms are within the scope, and it is required to prohibit the purchase and sale of false comments. Under the large-scale investigation, there are more than a few sealed sellers.

Attention to cross-border information! Amazon may increase its investigation of false comments


It is the peak shopping season, and many sellers still commit crimes against the wind under the severe attack.


sellerA: Christmas related products are seasonal products. A few reviews will easily affect the conversion rate, thus affecting the ranking. If others do not brush, we will lose.


sellerB: There are cases of brush reviews being sealed around me. Now I dare not brush any more. Let's be honest.


sellerC: Increase investment in products, good products are not afraid of less evaluation.


Many sellers said that it was a helpless move to brush reviews. Now the competition is so fierce that it is difficult to break through the tight encirclement just by making products in obscurity.


But this is the Christmas season. Although it is an opportunity to make an order, it may also face greater investigation. The seller should be cautious.



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