How much does Amazon Canada need to open a store


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How much does it cost to open a shop in Canada? What information do you need

For many Amazon sellers, if they want to open Amazon stores in Canada, they must first understand the best-selling products in the United States. Generally speaking, the economy in the United States is relatively developed in all aspects. If the products are popular in the United States and sell well, they must be good in Canada. Today we will talk aboutAmazon Canada opened shopRelevant issues.

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan, many Chinese products are also popular abroad. For example, Chinese spicy noodles may sell for only 2 yuan in China, 20 yuan in the United States and other countries, or even 200 yuan for higher ones. This shows the popularity of Chinese products.

If you want to open a store in Amazon Canada, first of all, the seller must be able to speak simple English, because the Amazon platform communicates in English, whether it is product upload or customer email reply, all of them communicate in English.

What information does Amazon Canada need to open a store

Front and back of the seller's ID card;

The collection account should be able to support cross-border e-commerce payment, or the seller should re register the account through a third party;

It is necessary to register a new mailbox. It must be a foreign mailbox;

There is also a credit card, which is generally a dual currency credit card. It is necessary to ensure that online payment is enabled, and there is enough money in it, so that it can be used normally.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that Amazon Canada's store opening information is basically similar to other stores, but different sites and regions may have some differences.

How much does Amazon Canada cost to open a store

No matter which Amazon site is, it basically includes product fees, storage fees, and store commissions. The monthly rent is basically 39.99 dollars. Of course, it is only for enterprise sellers, as well as first journey transportation fees, order removal fees, and other service fees.

The enterprise seller still has a rent of 39.99 dollars per month. After the Amazon store is registered, the rent will be deducted;

Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that these fees are basically the same, and it does not rule out other fees for different sites, which will vary somewhat.

We all know that Canada is a big trading country, and its products are very good in the Canadian market; In addition, Canada has unique geographical advantages, and there are many online shoppers, basically the same frequency as Americans, and women shoppers are generally more than men shoppers.

Canada has a unique geographical advantage and is sparsely populated. According to Blue Ocean Yiguan, 83% of Canadian consumers will buy things through the Internet, and are particularly interested in cross-border e-commerce. Amazon has more than 100 million users facing global users. Sellers consider that Amazon Canada has a large store market.

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