The sales volume of Chile Black Five reached 500 million, setting a new record!


Author:Wang Meirong
Source: ennews

For the first time, the sales of Black Friday in the United States declined, but the sales of Black Friday in Latin America are gratifying. according toCCS data shows that Chile's Black Five has set a record, reaching 500 million US dollars. The number of buyer orders is about 10 million, accounting for one third of the number of Black Five orders.


Total population of Chilestay18 million 190 thousandaboutOnline shoppers account for one third of their smartphone Internet visitors, and their consumption potential is growing. Clothing and shoes, electronic products, furniture, electrical appliances and decorations are local hot selling categories. Amazon, Wal Mart, AliExpress and other platforms are vying for the market. Not only Chile, but also Latin America as a whole has been included in the competition among major e-commerce companies"Potential market".


according toAccording to CCS, Ricardo Bl ü mel, Manager of Strategy and Marketing Department of TransbankshoppingIt did not stop growing,2021Q3online shoppingAlmost reached the level of credit card payment30%。 The Black Five further strengthens the role of e-commerceTheThe trend of China's comprehensive sales channels, and the transaction volume during the event exceeded3 million. In order to deepen the development of this digital economy,He emphasized thatWe must work together to modernize the financial habits related to the use of cash, listen to customers' opinions, and develop simpler and safer solutions


During the Black Five, other Latin American countries and Brazil surpassedR $5.4 billion, and sales in Colombia exceeded US $800 million. As one of the fastest growing economies in Latin America, Chile's consumption level and demand for products are growing day by day.


It is understood that the participation of Chilean black five physical stores and foundations has made many contributions to the record setting of Chilean black five, and the activities have brought togetherMore than 1700 physical and online stores. Among them, the performance of SMEs, regions and foundations is particularly outstanding. About 500 e-commerce companies participated.


It is understood that,The global sales of the 2021 "Black Five" will exceed 60 billion US dollars, an increase of 2% over last year. According to relevant data, the total sales of B2C e-commerce in Chile will reach 9.4 billion dollars in 2020. It is estimated thatnumberreachIt will reach 12 billion dollars in 2021.

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