Disable Visa credit card, Amazon UK will lose more than 1.4 billion pounds


Author:Zheng Yang
Source: ennews

AmazonBecause of the high transaction costs,toIt was announced on November 17yesVisa Credit CardinjunctionstaythisofPreviously, it was reported thatVisa Program ImprovementsEuropeBuy in the UKCommodity collectionCosts ofamongBrexitafterCredit card exchange feerateJump to1.5%,yesbefore0.3%ofFivefoldAs many as


Amazon said thatFrom January 2022No longer accept UK usersuseVisa credit card payments,this moveOr will cause the platform to suffercome fromUK ShoppersofnearA loss of £ 1.4 billion.


newestA solution for2000britainHumaninvestigationDiscovery, Amazon13% of 48 million UK customersamount tosixMore than 00ten thousand peopleplanReduce or evenComplete stopIn AsiaShopping activities on the Masson platform.


in consideration of2020AmazonbritainregionalTotal revenue isGBP20.63 billion, this part of UK customersLoss ofMay causeAmazonlossabout£ 1356mincomeAnd according to the relevantAccording to the data, last yearVisa Credit Card TransactionsFor AmazonstayThe region's net sales contributed£ 1.4 billion.


In this surveyOne third of the respondentsAmazon will no longer support it from next yearVisaCredit CardPayment sensedisappointment。 More than one fifthintervieweeSaid that they predicted Amazon UKstationTransactions foramountWill bePolicy entry into forceafterDown as much as50%。


In this regard, research institutionsOnePoll SpeakerSaid that AmazonDisabling Visa Credit Card ServicesApparently makes the British angryveryobviouslytheyI don't like it becauseTwoDisputes among giants lead to change of payment method


andyesAmazonDissatisfied with the moveUsers have also found some clues,Some insiders believe that Amazonthis moveIs toDrive users to use their own home's credit card,andVisa Competitor MasterCardIt will also benefit from this dispute.


The investigation alsoFound, near90% of respondents are in AmazonplatformShopping, including27% moreBiased useVisa Credit Card Paymentshave34%intervieweeUse MasterCard, and27%OnlyA debit account.


Nearly one fifthRespondents saidweeklymeetingon the internetMake multiple purchasesamong14% of respondentsIt means they are manyIn Amazonplatformshoppingalso65% of respondentsmention, theyOpenedAmazonPrimememberFor a faster logistics experience

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