In European and American countries, electric vehicles will gradually replace fuel vehicles


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With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection and the rise of global oil prices, electric vehicles will be more popular than fuel vehicles, especially in the United States and European countries,Electric vehicles are likely to replace fuel vehicles.


It is understood that,stayIn 2017, Matthew Metz, Co Executive Director of ColturaonceHe published a column calling on Washington State to completely eliminate gasoline powered vehicles.


Many changes have taken place in the past four yearsTesla is now the most valuable automobile manufacturer in the world. Several auto manufacturers say they willStop production of gasoline and diesel powered vehicles within 20 years.


The once marginal idea has now become part of the global trend: the idea that zero emission vehicles (mainly electric vehicles) are the future of the automotive industry is gaining momentum.


In the United States, the federal government does not accept the complete elimination, but requires50% of new car sales are electric vehicles. However, California, Massachusetts and New York all have plans to end fuel vehicle sales within 15 years.


Recently byAn opinion poll commissioned by Coltura and conducted by a highly respected national opinion survey organization found that more than 50% of American voters support the requirement that all new cars be electrified within ten years.


Some consumers said that,The function of a car is more important than its power,Although he has bought a fuel car nowsheNow I hopeShe will eventually buy an electric car.


Achieve new sales of cars and trucks in major automotive markets"Zero emission", and eliminate fuel vehicles by 2040. This once again provides strong support for the electric vehicle market, which represents the development direction of clean energy.


In Europe, the European UnionThe 2020 strategic goal encourages policy makers to provide incentives for low-carbon vehicles, especially electric two wheeled vehicles. Therefore, these incentives related to taxes and subsidies are expected to encourage demand in the European electric vehicle market, leading to higher unit shipments and revenues


The demand for high-power electric motorcycles across Europe is increasing rapidly. Electric high-power motorcycles are increasingly adopted by consumers and are expected to become an important trend in the forecast period.


nowadaysThe whole market is also affected byChip shortageetc.The serious interference of factors, which hinders mostOEM registration. The shortage of chips has benefited small car manufacturers, such as Tesla (up 114% year on year), all electric Smart (+5%) and highly electrified Porsche (+13%).


reachThe year 2035 (the date that the EU and many countries are considering) may feel very far away from phasing out gas filled vehicles, which may help explain why people are not interested in these policies.


Automobile manufacturers increasingly accept that electric vehicles are the idea of the future, but they are also acutely aware of the scale of the changes involved, and have not reached a consensus on the actual speed of its occurrence.


Environmentalists are promotingBy 2030, fuel vehicles will be phased out, and some skeptical auto manufacturers believe that even 2040 is too ambitious.

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