A large number of links on Meiya website have been removed from the shelves, which may affect Christmas sales


Author:Guo Wenpei
Source: ennews

Amazon has always attached great importance to the issue of intellectual property infringement. Once this red line is touched, the product may be removed from the shelves for processing, while the product may fall into a situation of being banned. On Christmas Eve, if the product link is found to be infringing, it is also a significant loss for the seller.


Recently, while browsing the official forum on Amazon's US website, I noticed that,A seller has reported receiving nearly a hundred emails from Amazon informing them that some of their products are suspected of infringing intellectual property rights.

A large number of links on the e-commerce platform Meiya have been removed, which may affect Christmas sales 

This person namedThe seller of "fz" stated that he received about 90 emails last Friday regarding suspected product infringement, and this number is still increasing. The IP list involved includes WWE, Disney, Dragon Ball Z, Dr. Mystery, Celine Dion, Genesis, and more.Currently, these products have been removed from Amazon's shelves for processing.


It is understood that,Fz "did not sell counterfeit and inferior products of these IPs, but only mentioned these trademark names in its own product titleThen it was taken down by Amazon under the pretext of infringing intellectual property rights."Fz" expressed great confusion about this behavior, saying, "If the product name does not indicate Dr. Mystery, how should consumers order Dr. Mystery's DVD


Under this post, a large number of sellers have expressed that they have also encountered the same thing. These sellers have also received hundreds of emails suspected of infringement, and they feel that Amazon's robot systemIt seems crazy,Even some products that have already been discontinued have received infringement notices.


 A large number of links on the cross-border e-commerce platform Meiya have been removed, which may affect Christmas sales

Some sellers believe thatAt the same time, a large number of product links were removed due to suspected infringement, possibly due to Amazon adding new trademarks to their system.The Amazon system does not judge whether the product is truly involved in infringement, but simply and roughly takes it off the shelves.


The removal of product links on Christmas Eve will also have a certain impact on sellers' Christmas sales. Some experienced sellers have concluded that in this situation, they can only modify the product title, try to avoid trademark words that may involve infringement, and then file an appeal with Amazon.

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