The stolen packages exceed 200 million, and the secret of strictly preventing package theft at Christmas is open!


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SafewiseAccording to the survey data, 210 million packages were stolen across the United States in the past 12 months, while Amazon accounted for 53.9%. In fact, the theft of packages in Canada, not only in the United States, should not be underestimated.


Many Canadian residents resent the thieves who stole parcels, because in recent years, many parcels in front of their homes were stolen by thieves. So that a Canadian resident suddenly wanted to give a thief"Surprise", put the excrement in the box to disguise it as an Amazon package and put it in front of his home. In less than 40 minutes, the package was stolen by a man.


Many Canadian consumers roast:"Don't expect too much to receive express delivery in Canada. I don't want too much speed, but at least don't lose it to us. You have to squat at the door to receive express delivery in Canada,becausecourierIt was the express that threw it at the door and left,I won't tell you in any form whether the contents will be taken away by othersIt's not their business


"If you have an email, the courier doesn't need it. He likes to leave it on the ground for you. I don't know why. I bought a new mobile phone and threw it directly into the snow. When I called a few days later, they said that the goods had been delivered long ago, but I didn't receive the goods. Because of personal privacy protection, I couldn't tell which courier sent it to me


As we all know, express productsThe delivery of is mainly stuck inSeveral important nodesDomestic works-Export customs declaration - international flight shipment - foreign customs clearance - last kilometer delivery,andIn the "last kilometer" distribution scenario, the express industrySome moreBlank


1. The customer wasn't sure he was thereHard requirementsThe customer must be present,SoSign in face. If the customer is not present, the courier will have to wait,wait forToo long, other expressDispatchtimeWill be extendedEventually producedAdverse chain reaction. For example, in residential communitiesorOn campus, couriers deliver goodsMeetingFrequently, users are not present, and a package cannot be delivered onceIt has become more common


2. Relatively dispersed customers: The customers in the region should be relatively concentrated, which means that the courier can deliver more express mail within a certain time.butCustomers are relatively dispersed,MeansEven if they are all on site, the delivery costs will be high if the couriers send them one by one. For example, rural areas are sparsely populated, and shopping frequency is lower than that of cities. If express companies layout their outlets and transfer stations according to urban logic, the cost will beat allCan't carry it,This is also the express companyNot willing to investOne of the key reasons for


3. Entrance threshold limit: For security reasons, some companies will not allow couriers to enter the office area, and some community doorkeepers will also prevent couriers from entering. At this time, couriers cannot deliver express in person


Relatively dispersed customersThe customer is uncertain about the presence and threshold restrictionsetc.Three realistic situations make the courierunableAccording to the official deliveryofregulationsTo doIn contrast, at home, novicesWe will develop small supermarkets, newsstands and real estate into franchised rookie post stations to help users temporarily store packages and send express goods,It is easy to solve this problem,At present, the rookie post station nationwidealreadyhaveMore than 70000.


More than 200 million packages have been stolen from e-commerce platforms, and the secret of preventing package theft at Christmas is open!Realistic view of Youlin Post Station in Canada


In Canada,Neighbour Express is filling the capacity gap of the "last mile" by building an overseas version of the "rookie station".


At the beginning of 2020, the overseas Cainiao Post Station, "Neighbour Express", was officially launched. As a strategic partner of Youlin Post Station, Canada Post International (Lotte South China) and Youlin Post Station have jointly explored and tried many new businesses around the post station.


So far,More than300 friendly neighboring post stations.just asIn the Slogan "Faster, Safer, Better Way of Delivery" of Neighbour Express, Youlin Post Station has realized the multiple functions of pick up and drop off, that is, forward self picking+reverse return+return. Relaxed picking time, convenient geographical location and convenient return operation have greatly improved customer satisfaction and loyalty while providing customers with excellent logistics experience.


More than 200 million packages have been stolen at sea. The secret of preventing package theft at Christmas is open!

The concept of Youlin Post Station:Faster, Safer, Better Way of Delivery


At present, the business of Youlin Post Station mainly includes forward self withdrawal and reverse return:


1. Positive self lifting:Youlin Post Station provides post station management systemAPI interface to e-commerce enterprises (sellers).When placing an order on the e-commerce platform, the buyer can choose to pick up the logistics service at the post station and determine the friendly neighbor post station that he wants to pick up.Immediately,The e-commerce platform delivers goods to the operation center of Youlin Post Station in a centralized manner, and the operation center sorts them and transfers them to the corresponding stationsofThe post station will automatically send the pickup code SMS to the customer, and the customer will complete the pickup at the post station with the pickup code.


Main advantages:For e-commerce enterprises, it can not only reduce logistics costs, but also give users a choice of logistics methods; For buyers, the pickup time and process at the post station are very flexible, which can also reduce the occurrence of accidents such as lost or missed pickup.


2. Reverse return:Youlin Post Station provides the return management system for power supply enterprises (sellers), or by providingThe form of API interface connects with the system owned by e-commerce enterprisesSimple and convenient operation processfirst,The buyer applies for return on the e-commerce platform; secondly,Print and paste the return waybill to the package; last,Query the nearby Youlin Post Station in the system or Youlin website, and send the package to any convenient post station. Youlin Operation Center starts from Youlin Post Station every dayRetrieveThe package can be returned according to the e-commerce platformofIt provides various operations for subsequent return processing, including sorting, quality inspection, re shipment, and destruction.


Main advantages:Youlin Post Station provides cross-border e-commerce enterprises withcollectionReturn logistics and return operationsIntegratedSolution to the pain point of cross-border return managemententerpriseReturn cost, improve customer experienceIt's crucialThe role of.In addition,The price of Youlin is unified across the country, and the current postage of Youlin isUPS 10% - 40%, with absolutenatureAdvantages,AndYoulin Post Stationat presentCovering Canadaofmajor city.


More than 200 million packages have been stolen from cross-border e-commerce, and the secret of preventing package theft at Christmas is open!VancouverTorontoMontrealDistribution Map of Calgary and Edmonton Neighborhood Posts


It is different from the common picking method,Youlin Post StationWill occupy more advantages


1. Excellent quantityPotential:benchmarking UPS Store,Youlin Post StationofcoverCover rangeBigger,densityMore extensive. According to official data,Youlin Posthouse Phase IofQuantity reaches300,alreadyMore than CanadaUPS Storeofquantity


2. Planning advantages:In densely populated apartment areas, university campuses and other areas,Youlin Post StationScientific planning has been carried out to meet the needs of the post station and customers. It is reported that,Youlin Post Stationat present5% are self operated post stations, and 95% are convenience stores and office supplies stores around the franchise community.


3. Functional advantages: Youlin Post Station has multiple functions such as forward self lifting, reverse return and return operation.


More than 200 million packages have been stolen in cross-border e-commerce logistics, and the secret of preventing package theft at Christmas has been made public!

Self lifting process


More than 200 million packages have been stolen across the border, and the secret of preventing package theft at Christmas is open!

Return process


fourCost advantage: reduce the cost of single piece operation and delivery to benefit consumersAt the same time,enhanceSelfcompetitive power. Relying on the post station"Positive self lifting" service charge is standard level mail, service quality is standard registered express, and each piece is accompanied with a free receipt certificate; The price and timeliness of the "reverse return" service also have obvious advantages over UPS and other companies.


4. Service quality advantages:The main cities in Canada covered by the Friendly Neighbor Post Station are located within 5 kilometers from home or company. For buyers, it is convenient and flexible to pick up items by themselvesAndSecurity. For sellers, the rate of proper delivery in the post station mode is very high, and the customer experience is good.


The incidents of package theft and loss are endless, and Youlin Post Station is undoubtedly the solution to this problem"Good medicine" can help sellers reduce logistics costs, while providing consumers with convenient and flexible picking options, and solve the pain points of consumers' package theft.


Interested sellers can add WeChat:Pm715357861, learn more about the event!

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