More than 200 million stolen packages, the secret to preventing package theft on Christmas has been made public!


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Family Safety Website SafewiseSurvey data shows that in the past 12 months, 210 million packages have been stolen across the United States, with Amazon accounting for 53.9%. In fact, not only the United States, but also the theft of packages in Canada cannot be underestimated.


Many Canadian residents have a grudge against thieves who steal packages because in recent years, multiple packages from their doorstep have been stolen by thieves. So much so that some Canadian residents suddenly wanted to give the thief aSurprisingly, he packed the feces into a box disguised as an Amazon package and placed it in front of his own door. However, within 40 minutes, the package was stolen by a man.


Many Canadian consumers roast:In Canada, I don't expect too much for delivery. I don't want speed anymore, but at least don't lose it for us, okay? In Canada, you have to squat at the door to receive delivery,becauseCourierIt's the delivery that arrives and throws it at the door,I won't tell you in any form, as for whether the contents inside will be taken by othersIt's not even their business anymore.


I don't need an email courier, I just like to leave you on the ground. I don't know why? I bought a new phone and threw it directly into the snow. When I called a few days later, they said that the item had already been delivered, but I didn't receive it. Moreover, due to personal privacy protection, I can't tell which courier delivered it to.


As is well known, express delivery productsThe transportation is mainly stuck inSeveral important nodes:Domestic procurement-Export customs declaration - International flight shipment - Foreign customs clearance - Last mile delivery,andIn the "last mile" delivery scenario, the express delivery industryThere are also someBlank.


1The customer is unsure of their presence:Hard requirementsThe customer must be present,With thisComplete face-to-face signing. If the customer is not present, the courier will have to wait,wait forTime is too long, for other express shipmentsDeliverytimeWill be extended,Final productionAdverse chain reaction. For example, in residential communitiesorOn campus, couriers deliver goodsTime meetingOften encountering situations where users are not present, a package cannot be delivered onceIt has become a common occurrence.


2Relatively dispersed customersThe customers in the region should be relatively concentrated, which means that the courier can deliver more parcels within a certain period of time.butCustomers are relatively dispersed,Means thatEven if they are all on site and the courier delivers one by one, the delivery cost will still be high. For example, rural areas are vast and sparsely populated, and shopping frequency is lower than that of cities. If express delivery companies layout their branches and transfer stations according to urban logic, the costat allUnable to carry it,This is also a courier companyNot willing to investOne of the key reasons for.


3Entry threshold restrictionsFor safety reasons, some companies do not allow couriers to enter the office area, and some community guards may also prevent couriers from entering. At this time, couriers cannot personally deliver the package to their doorstep.


Relatively dispersed customersCustomers are unsure of presence and entry threshold restrictionsetc.Three real-life situations make courierscannotAccording to official deliveryofprovideTo do.Looking back at China, rookieDevelop small supermarkets, newspaper kiosks, and property management into franchised Cainiao post stations to help users temporarily store packages and send express delivery,We easily solved this problem,Currently, this type of Cainiao Station is nationwidealreadyhaveMore than 70000 households.


More than 200 million stolen packages have been sent to sea, and the secret to preventing package theft on Christmas has been made public!Realistic View of Canada Friendship Post Station Station


In Canada,Neighbour Express is filling the "last mile" capability gap by creating an overseas version of "Cainiao Station".


At the beginning of 2020, the overseas version of Cainiao Station "Neighbour Express" was officially launched. As a strategic partner of Youlin Station, China Post International (Lotte South China) and Youlin Station have jointly explored and attempted many emerging businesses around the station.


As of now,We have set up over300 friendly neighboring stations.just asNeighbour Express's Slogan "Faster, Safer, Better Way of Delivery" enables multiple functions such as pick up and drop off, including forward self pickup, reverse return, and return operations. The relaxed pick-up time, convenient geographical location, and convenient return operations not only provide customers with excellent logistics experience, but also greatly improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.


B2B has been stolen with over 200 million packages, and the secret to preventing package theft on Christmas has been made public!

The concept of Youlin Station:Faster, Safer, Better Way of Delivery


At present, the main businesses carried out by Youlin Station include forward self pickup and reverse return:


1Forward self pickup:Youlin Station provides a station management systemAPI interface for e-commerce enterprises (sellers).When placing an order on an e-commerce platform, buyers can choose to pick up their own logistics services at the courier station and determine the friendly courier station they wish to pick up.Immediately,The e-commerce platform will centrally ship goods to the operation center of Youlin Post Station, which will sort and transport them to the corresponding locationsofThe courier station will automatically send a pick-up code SMS to the customer, and the customer will use the pick-up code to complete the pick-up at the courier station.


Main advantages:For e-commerce enterprises, it can not only reduce logistics costs, but also provide users with an additional choice of logistics methods; For buyers, the pick-up time and process at the courier station are very flexible, which can also reduce unexpected situations such as lost items and missed deliveries.


2Reverse return:Youlin Station provides a return management system for use by power supply companies (sellers), or by providingThe form of API interface is connected to the proprietary systems of e-commerce enterprisesThe operation process is simple and convenient.Firstly,Buyers apply for returns on e-commerce platforms; Secondly,Print and paste the return waybill onto the package; Finally,Search for nearby friendly stations in the system or on friendly websites, and deliver the package to any convenient station. The Friendly Neighbor Operations Center receives daily updates from the Friendly Neighbor StationRetrieveReturn the package and follow the e-commerce platformofProvide various operations for subsequent return processing, including sorting, quality inspection, reshipment, destruction, etc.


Main advantages:Youlin Station provides cross-border e-commerce enterprises withcollectionReturn logistics and return operationsIntegratedThe solution solves the pain points of cross-border return management, which is beneficial for reducingenterpriseReturn costs and enhance customer experienceIt's crucialThe desired effect.In addition,Friendly neighbors implement a unified price nationwide, and the current postage for Friendly neighbors isUPS 10% -40%, with absolutenatureAdvantages,AndYoulin Stationat presentCovering the entire country of CanadaofMain cities.


Cross border information has been stolen with over 200 million packages, and the secret to preventing package theft on Christmas has been made public!VancouverTorontoMontrealDistribution Map of Neighbor Stations in Calgary and Edmonton


Unlike ordinary pickup methods,Youlin StationThen occupy more advantages:


1Excellent quantityPotential:benchmarking UPS Store,Youlin StationofcoverCover rangeLarger,densityWider. Official data shows that,Youlin Station Phase IofQuantity reached300,alreadyExceeding CanadaUPS Storeofquantity.


2Planning advantages:In densely populated apartment areas, university campuses, and other areas,Youlin StationScientific planning has been carried out to achieve the goal of matching the station with customer needs. It is reported that,Youlin Stationat present5% are self operated post stations, and 95% are convenience stores, office supplies stores, etc. around the franchise community.


3. Functional advantages: Youlin Post Station has multiple functions such as forward self pickup, reverse return, and return operations.


Cross border information has been stolen with over 200 million packages, and the secret to preventing package theft on Christmas has been made public!

Self pickup process


More than 200 million stolen packages have been sent to sea, and the secret to preventing package theft on Christmas has been made public!

Return process


fourCost advantage: Reduce single item operation and delivery costs, making it beneficial for consumersAt the same time,enhanceOwnCompetitiveness. Relying on post stationsThe "positive self pickup" service charges benchmarking for regular mail, and the service quality benchmarking for registered express mail, each with a free receipt certificate; The price and timeliness of the 'reverse return' service also have significant advantages compared to companies such as UPS.


4Service quality advantages:Friendly Neighbor Station covers major cities in Canada, and there is a station within 5 kilometers of home or company. For buyers, picking up items on their own is convenient and flexibleAndSafety. For sellers, the delivery rate of the post station method is extremely high, and the customer experience is good.


Incidents of packages being stolen or lost are constantly emerging, and Friendly Neighbor Stations are undoubtedly the solution to this problemThe 'good medicine' helps sellers reduce logistics costs while also providing consumers with convenient and flexible pickup options, and solves the pain point of consumers' packages being stolen, making it a great choice.


Interested sellers can add WeChat:Pm715357861, learn more about the event details!

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