Best Buy's online sales in the third quarter fell 10.1% year on year


Author:Liu Mengyuan
Source: ennews

Recently, Best Buy(Best Buy)The company announced that,byIn the third quarter of October 30, 2021, its online revenue in the U.S. market will be 3.44 billion dollars,The same period last yearUS $3.82 billion,Year on year decrease at comparable prices10.1%。 The proportion of online income also decreased to about 31.3% of the total domestic income, compared with 35.2% in the same period last year.


But compared with two years ago, its online sales in the third quarter increased145.7%。 Last year, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the e-commerce market expanded rapidly, and its online sales in the third fiscal year increased by 173.7% compared with the previous year.


stayAt the financial report conference call on November 23,Best BuyChief Executive Officer Cory• Corie Barry said that the number of orders delivered on the same day increased by 400% compared with the same period last year.


Best Buy hiredInstacart and other suppliers, including their own employees, deliver from about 400 stores. Barry says about 60 percent of Best Buy customers live within 10 miles of the delivery point.


In a conference call, Barry said the store was an important part of the online operations of the electronics and electronics retailer. In the third quarter, customers42% of online orders, one third of which are self ordered.


Barry also said that,Best BuyThis year is no exception to the inventory and supply chain challenges that we will encounter in each holiday season. However, the retailer entered the fourth quarter with more inventory than the same period last year15%。


Best BuyAccording to the report, QimeiTotal domestic market income (online and offline) isUS $10.99 billion, an increase of 1.2% compared with US $10.85 billion last year, mainly due to a 2.0% increase in comparable sales.


Globally,Best BuyThe revenue in the third quarter of the last quarter isUS $11.91 billion, up by about 0.5% from US $11.85 billion in the same period last year.Net profit isUS $499 million, up 27.6% from US $391 million in the same period last year. Operating revenue was US $670 million, up 19.4% from US $561 million in the same period last year.


Meanwhile, as ofIn the nine months of October 30, 2021,Best BuyThe report shows that,The whole enterprise income isUS $35.4 billion, up 16.7% compared with US $303 in the same period last year. Net profit was US $1.83 billion, up 86.2% from US $982 million in the same period last year. Operating revenue was US $2.24 billion, up 64.7% from US $1.36 billion in the same period last year.

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