Jungle Scout released the latest consumer trend report, and the demand for travel products will rise


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Cross border e-commerce Jungle Scout released the latest consumer trend report, and the demand for travel products will rise

In 2022,Travel, hobbies, clothing, personal care, leisure and entertainment industries can expect a wave of shopping. according toJungle ScoutLatest consumer trend report, 55%U.S.AConsumers expect to treat themselves well in 2022, because the epidemic has made them lose too much.

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,68% also hope to find more fun in the new year.

ITourism, social networking and self-improvement

In 2022, consumers will spend on tourism, social activities and self-improvement. This year, the motivation for self-improvement will include personal development, changes in work and family life.

Sailing to Jungle Scout to release the latest consumer trend report, the demand for travel products will rise

IIProduct categories worthy of attention in 2022

1. Tourism products

As many countries have relaxed tourism barriers, tourism activities have become more feasible.

After staying at home for several months, travelers may spend part of their money on travel products, such asluggageportable sourceandTSA approved cosmetics。 They will also purchase the necessities of the epidemic, such as vaccine card protectors and camping equipment.

twoPersonal care

The personal care industry flourished during the epidemic. The major brands have developed thousands of new products because peopleSkin care, beauty, concentration and meditation.

Many consumers' care habits have continued, and have expanded to sleep, fitness and nutrition. The product demand of these categories will become higher in the future.

3. Clothing

Junglescout expects that Americans will spend more on clothes, especially those related to formal activities, nightlife and fitness.

Most shoppers said that they would wear the same clothes in turn for at least a few years, buy clothes at a discount, and care about the impact of their clothes on the environment. More than one third said they did not buy new clothes and even preferred to buy themSecond hand clothes

However, a considerable number of shoppers only wear "fashionable" clothes, and they rarely wear the same clothes twice, and they often buy luxury goods.

The e-commerce platform Jungle Scout released the latest consumer trend report, and the demand for travel products will rise

4. Luxury

In the spirit of being truly "kind to yourself", some shoppers will be extravagant. A more luxurious consumption trend has emerged: this year, one fifth of Americans are buying luxury holiday gifts at full price.

5. Home decoration, household appliances and other commodities

As Americans change jobs and move houses, they have more reasons to change their living environment. Interestingly, 41% of consumers who buy or move into new houses in 2021 will have more room, which means more space for decoration.

29% of people move into smaller houses, which may also promote the purchase, because the existing furniture and appliances may not be suitable for their new residence.Blue Ocean Yiguan learned that the sellerYou can focus on the following products:

(1)Home Furnishing decorationAnd furniture;

(2) Kitchen and household appliances;

(3) Home office furniture and electronic products.

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