The use of shopping apps reached a new high, and 54% of e-commerce sales came from mobile terminals


Author:Zeng Xuening
Source: ennews

With the popularity of smart phones and the improvement of Internet coverage, more and more people have experienced the happiness of mobile online shopping.


according toAdjust and Sensor TowerofA new study predicts thatAccording to the trend in 2020, it is expected that the proportion of mobile shopping will reach a record high in this shopping season.


before AdobeIt has also been predicted that by the end of this year54% will come from shopping apps.At present, this prediction is also accurate.


So far in 2021, the installed amount of e-commerce APP in the world has increased by 10% compared with that in 2020, while the use time has increased by 12%.


Consumers use shoppingThe duration of APP will increase from 10.7 minutes in 2019 to 10.42 minutes in 2020, and now it will be 10.56 minutes in 2021. The continuous growth of usage time also indicates that consumers are increasingly interested in and dependent on shopping apps.


according toAccording to the trend forecast in 2020, the consumption of shopping APP in October, November and December of 2021 will be better than that in the first nine months.


at presentShopee has the highest usage rate and the highest income in shopping apps.However, as Christmas approaches and all major e-commerce platforms begin to expand their markets, this situation may change.


The report also pointed out that the application tracking transparency of e-commerce(ATT) selection rate is about 17%, which is much higher than the original industry forecast.AdjustHe said that with the deepening of users' understanding of the value of relevant advertisements, the proportion of users agreeing to the application tracking will also increase.


Based on data collection such as mobile terminal, sellers can understand consumers' needs and buying habits from different aspects, so as to flexibly adjust their sales strategies.


Paul H. M ü ller, Co Founder and CEO of AdjustalsoexpressThe survey results show that an important new trend has emerged in the e-commerce market. Enterprises can maintain customer participation by making wise use of existing mobile terminal technologies.


moveThe APP can retain old users and continue to acquire more new users, which proves that the services provided by mobile APP are convenient for users and optimize the use experience. However, how to maintain the loyalty of mobile customers is also what businesses should think about during holiday shopping and the New Year.


At present, mobile commerce in Latin America and the Asia Pacific region shows explosive growth. E-commerce mobile terminals continue to establish user groups in mature markets such as the United States and China. It is expected that in the following shopping season, retail giants and other enterprises will flourish in digital channels.


Mobile shopping will also be the next shopping trend. Develop shopping mobile terminalAPP, optimizing the product details page on the mobile terminal, etc. are all ways to bring consumers a satisfied shopping experience, and sellers can also refer to them.

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