Demand increased 15 times! Russian pet market is popular


Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

Recently, Global Express Russia conducted a survey on the local pet market.According to the survey results, one quarter of the participants said that they would spend money every month1000 to 3000 rubles to meet the needs of pets, and 13% said they spent 3000 to 5000 rubles on a pet every month.


In the selection of pet products,68% of participants said they would buy a lot of pets every monthsnacks, one third will choose newToysA quarter will buy exclusive ones for petsclothingBecause of the weather, half of them will choose warm pet clothes, including23% would buy interesting holiday clothes for pets, and 18% would like to look in pairs. Specifically,Dog zippered jumpsuits, warm knitted scarves and pet hoodies are popular.


In the category of pets, buyers mainly consumeDogs, cats and fish。 On the platform of AliExpress,Year on year growth in demand for cat products3.3 times, and the demand for dog and fish commodities increased 1.5 times year on year.For dogs,usermeetingbytheyBuy for walking in winterDark clothes, waterproof smart trackers and knitted sweaters.For fish,Artificial plants, aquarium filters and air compressorsRelatively popular


No. 4 in salesSmall petofproductThe demand for this category has increased by two and a half times in one year. In most cases, Russians are hamsters and chinchillasWait for small pets, choosePlastic toy tunnela water fountainas well asWarm flannelCaveolae。 On average, Russians are willing to pay for such goods500 to 1500 rubles.


In addition, the demand for bird products has increased by two and a half times,Among the products in this category, RussianmeetingchoiceWindow feeder, hanging water dispenser and nylon cover。 On average, they are willing to pay for popular products80 to 400 rubles. 


During the year,Global quick sell growthFastest categoryIt's pet furniturePet treatment and care productsThe frequency of purchase has increased15x and 8x,The most popular animal furniture are dog folding ladders, cocoon houses made of artificial cane and claw boards.The most popular health products are microfiber towels, flea chewable tablets and diet foods.


Pet economy is also a hot market today, and relevant sellers need to innovate more to seize more markets.

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