Amazon said there was uncertainty about the impact of the new mutant virus on sales in the peak season


Source: ennews

local timeOn November 28, a senior manager of Amazon said that it was still inconclusive what impact the COVID-19 variant virus found currently would have on consumer spending, but suggested that shoppers spend normally.


The CEO of Amazon's global consumers said thatCurrentScientists and pharmaceutical companies are optimistic about their ability to develop effectiveofVaccines to deal with new variants of the virus.


It is the peak shopping season, and almost every household is preparing for Christmas. However, the supply chain problem in the United States is still a headache for businesses and customers. Earlier, President Biden said that the supply chain disruption in the United States was caused by the epidemic


Right thereRecently, new mutated viruses were found in South Africa, and infection cases were found in Britain, Belgium, Israel, Denmark and other countries, while travel restrictions are being imposed in the United States and other countries.


Although the government has imposed mandatory blockade measures due to the epidemic, it can be seen that consumers are making efforts to create a thoughtful holiday life, and since the outbreak of the epidemic, people are also reconsidering how to arrange their work and life, also considering a new job.


He also said that despite the current inflation in the United States, it did not drag down consumer spending, andAmerican peopleOn clothing and home decorationThere's still a lot of spending, which also shows that people have plans to carry out offline activities


After the previous epidemic caused people to buy home telecommuting appliances, the expenditure on electronic products began to decline.


However, I still want to remind sellers to pay more attention to the infection of COVID-19 mutation virus in the near future. Many countries around the world have found infected patients and implemented certain measures.

Some countries even issued a navigation ban against the infection of variant strains, which may have a certain impact on logistics. Pay attention to the reasonable planning of logistics transportation arrangements.

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