Amazon's video ads can reach customers outside the platform to increase exposure


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The video ads of can reach customers outside the platform to increase exposure

Amazon video and audio advertisingIt is effective in improving brand awareness, regardless of whether the customerAmazon shopping platformInside and outside, this kind of advertisement may contact potential customers. If the budget is adequate,Amazon SellerThis kind of advertisement can be considered.

IWhat is Amazon Audio and Video Ads?

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,AmazonAudio and video advertising is a good way to reach customers outside of Amazon's shopping platform. Whether potential customers are watching TV, listening to music on the way to work, or using theirAmazon Echo, audio and video ads will appear in front of them.

1. Amazon audio advertising can extend the brand influence beyond the screen, whether consumers listen to it on desktop, mobile devices, Amazon's FireTV, or EchoAmazon MusicThe free ad supported tier of can see audio advertisements.

2. PassedAmazon OTT(over the top) and online video advertising Amazon. com and other websites operated by Amazon, Fire TV and other devices, as well as the entire Internet, show their brands to unique users.

3. OTT video ads appear inOTTBefore, during or after the content, such as premium streaming content, TV programs and movies on IMDb TV, sports and live news, as well as radio and network apps. Shoppers cannot skip advertisements, so they usually browse until the end of the advertisement.

4. Online video advertisements usually appear on APP, browser, tablet, mobile device and desktop device in two forms: out stream and in stream. Video formats include:

(1)In-read/in-article video

(2)In-feed video

(3)Video in-banner

(4)Interstitial video

IIWho can use Amazon audio and video advertising?

Whether sellers sell products on Amazon or not, they can buy audio or video advertisements.

Audio ads are not self service ads, so sellers need to work with Amazon's advertising consultants to access them. Video ads can beAmazon DSP platformAmazon DSP has self-service and management service options.

IIIWhat is Amazon's DSP

Amazon DSP is a programmed advertising platform that allows advertisingsellerAccess to AmazonplatformInternal and external potential customers. In addition, it is the only programmed advertising platform that uses Amazon's own consumer data to helpsellerLock the past browser and shopper audience, and even establishsellerAudience with similar customer statistics.

Amazon has countless customer data, and Amazon's DSP cansellerUse this dataOnline accessIndividual groupsCustomers, wherever they are.

IVWho can use Amazon DSP

whethersellerWhether they sell products on Amazon or not, they are qualified to use Amazon's DSPplatform

VWhat is the cost of Amazon's DSP

In general, Amazon's DSP hosting service requirements, SellerInvest at least $35000 a month in advertising spending.

However, ifsellerAndAmazonCertified DSP organizationE.g. CANOPY ManagementCooperation, usually with a lowereachmonthFees, comeStart using DSP. For example, CANOPY works with customers at a price of $5000 per monthCarry out efficient DSP resettowardsActivities.

Amazon's video ads on e-commerce platform can reach customers outside the platform to increase exposure

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,Amazon mentioned earlierAudio and video advertisinghisThe cost is not cheap

according toCANOPY ManagementData,AmazonAudio AdvertisingCosts ofYes, every thousand timesExhibitioncostCPMcomecalculationA budget of at least $25000 is required ifsellerWorking with Amazon's DSP management team to produce video ads will cost at least $35000.

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