Amazon will automatically verify the claim and provide a refund on behalf of the seller


Author:Yu Xiaoying
Source: ennews

Recently, Amazon UK announced that,fromtwo thousand and twenty-oneyearFrom December 1For withTracking information verificationofParcel deliveryAmazonCustomer claims will be automatically validated,And on behalf of the sellerProvide refund


At present, the seller needs to48 hoursReply to the buyer withinShipping problem message, check the problemas well asVerification trackingInformation. If the conditions are met, the seller shall alsoOrder amount returned toBuyer. If the sellernotCan beforty-eightThe seller may reply to the information within hoursAmazon Mall Transaction Security Claim.This maycauseThe seller's account isDeduction,And to the sellerThe account status or order defect rate has a negative impact.


Amazon said that,This update will beround turnSimplify the trade protection claim experiencereduceThe time and effort required for effective claims.IfThe tracking information entered in the seller's platform indicates that the customer's claim is valid,Amazontakeconductrefundoperation


Amazon emphasizes that it willuselogisticstrackinformationTo verify claims to reduce the risk of unreasonable claims,There are three specific automatic verification operations.


The first case istrackinformationIndicates that the package was rejected and returned toSeller. If the buyerRejected at Deliveryto acceptpackageAnd the tracking information shows that the package has been returned. Then Amazon willAutomatic directionBuyerRefund fromSeller's accountThe claim amount is deducted from the account.


In addition,If the tracking information indicates that the package cannot be delivered,AmazonWill automaticallyMake compensation to the buyer after deducting the seller's payment.


None of the above operationsinfluencesellerAccount Health forstatusOr order defect rate.


If the tracking information displaysThe goods are not delivered before the expected delivery date, or the delivery is not confirmed on the seller's platform,Automatic verification of claims is also triggered. This situation will affect the seller'sAccount HealthstatusOr order defect rate.


It should be noted that under these circumstances, the buyer can file a claim for Amazon Mall transaction security without contacting the seller and obtain the claim.IfunableBy tracking informationTo verify the buyer'sclaim demageAmazon will notify the buyer inBefore filing a claimContact SellerTo solve the problem。 Of course, if AmazonClaim decisionThe seller will receive an email explaining why. If the seller is not satisfied with thisdecisionThere will be30 working days to appeal.


Amazon also emphasized several points: if the seller uses the purchase and distribution service, the existing Amazon Mall transaction protection claim policy will apply; If the carrier loses or damages the goods, the tracking information proves that the seller is not at fault, and the seller's order defect rate will not be affected.

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