Etsy sellers increase local procurement to ensure sufficient goods!


Author:Wang Meirong
Source: ennews

According to the latest news,exceed90% of Etsy sellers say they are from their own countryorregionconductpurchaseIn addition,about50%US Seller ofexpress,All their raw materials are fromownAcquired in the state,Therefore, the supply chain does not have too much impact on them.


According to foreign mediaSaturday for small businessesOneAccording to the survey, more than one third of respondents said they planned to visit local businesses this SaturdayThis number exceedsLast year's30%, but lowto39% in 2019.


In addition, in theThis timeInvestigated72% of 2700 adults said they hadI feel itrise in price,62% saw "low" or "out of stock" in stores, 51% sawHasDelivery is delayed. Nearly half of the people said they were worried that the supply chain problem wouldinfluenceThis holiday shopping season.


Relevant people said that,Changes in consumer preferences may promote this yearSales of EtsyIn addition, many people have expressed their willingness to support small enterprises.


An entrepreneur who produces wooden tables on the platform said that his sales this month increased by about900%. On Etsy alone, he sold more than 500 tables. His products can be used for outdoor heaters, umbrellas and basement poles.


In addition, some sellers said that their inventory was in sufficient condition and hoped that this holiday would help them get rid of previous losses.


It is understood that mostEtsy sellers run stores at home and purchase raw materials nearby. Even when large retailers are facing a shortage of supply, Etsy still has sufficient inventory in the categories most affected by the supply chain, such as toys and furniture.


At present, the website has more than90 million items and 5 million sellers, up from 2 million before the pandemic. Josh Silverman, Etsy's CEO, said the company was optimistic about another important holiday this year. Many sellers began to stock up in August and September.


It is understood that not onlyEtsy sellers and many foreign retailers are also increasing local procurement to solve the problem of holiday commodity reserve.

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