ASOS released the 2021 UK trend report, and the search volume of backless clothes soared by 37437%


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Seagoing Information ASOS released the 2021 UK Trend Report, and the search volume of backless clothes soared by 37437%

ASOSReleased its 2021 trend report and forecastBoxing Day(Boxing Day) 16 million people will participate in the promotion activities. The report surveyed 2000 peoplebritainadult.

Blue Ocean Yiguan learned that the report predictedbritainThe per capita consumption of consumers on Boxing Day reached 136 pounds, and the British economy increased by 2.1 billion pounds.

It is predicted that online shopping is the most popular, with 23% of respondents preferring to shop at home. Generation Z and millennials like to buy bargains most. 67% plan to check promotions. Jeans, coats and sneakers are the things they want to buy most.

The following are some of the trends in the report.

ISearch volume of "backless clothes" increased by 37437%

oneYoung people aged 18 to 35 like super largeclothingStyle, 24% said they would wear oversized clothes in 2022. Oversize clothes account for 60% of the sales of men's sportswear tops. ASOS sold 70000 pairs of men's loose jeans.

two20% of respondents aged 18 to 35 said they prefer bold and bright colors. Last year, the sales of women's bell bottoms increased by 135%. The rise of fashion trends in the 1990s further exacerbated this growth.

threeASOS found that clothes in the style of 1990s were very popular on its Marketplace website,Search volume of "halter top backless" increased by 37437%。 It shows that clothes that were popular in the 1990s are still very popular among young people in their 20s.

In another ASOS survey of 2000 adults, people aged 18 to 35 (40%) said they would spend more on clothes in 2021 than in 2020.

Next year, the clothes of the '00s may become popular again, so low rise jeans, double denim denim and mini skirts will appear on many occasions. On the latest fashion show, popular bright colors can be seen everywhere, which will become a popular trend in 2022.

IIGreen and pink will become popular colors

Other trends that will remain popular in the coming year include:

oneIn 2021, boldgreenWill continue until 2022,PinkIt will also be popular next year.

twoLipstickIt will sell well in the Mac Velvet Teddy promotion in 2021 and will continue to be a best seller in 2022; Lip gloss will also become a hot selling product.

Huda Beauty has sold more than 30000 lip products; Sales of popular products such as Mac's Velvet Teddy and Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk increased by 16% in the summer.

threeBlack pantsSales of.

fourASOS has become the destination of wedding fashion, with 1.5 million pieces sold in 113 countriesWedding dressAnd bridesmaid dresses. Grey green is the favorite color of bridesmaids this year.

According to Lanhai Yiguan, ASOS has sold 100000 full sets of bridegroom's and best man's suits in the UK. In addition, the sales of formal leather shoes have also increased by 80% this year.

fiveAs the period of residence in Britain ended,high-heeled shoesIt also started to make a comeback. Every 13 seconds, a pair of party high heels were sold.

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