The popular female anchorman who was trained at the first hand, ran alone with her supervisor, and how to manage people in cross-border live broadcast


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"I want to share Made in China with the world in my own way."

Yan, 24, with fluent English, brought goods live in TikTok and accumulated more than 15000 fans. According to the characteristics and quantity of the product, Yan will broadcast live for 4-8 hours every day.

After reading the report about her, some netizens said they liked this talented girl.

The popular female anchor trained by the e-commerce platform runs alone with the director, and how to manage the cross-border live broadcast

This inspirational cross-border girl soon attracted the attention of various media. Many media, including Surging News, Observer Network and Reference News Network, reprinted her micro blog.

A popular female anchor who was trained at sea, she ran alone with her supervisor, and how to manage people in cross-border live broadcast

However, behind the "Guanghua", there are also some obscure haze.

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On December 16, 2021, a public statement of Shenzhen Tipto Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tipto") made the name "Yan" appear again in front of cross-border e-commerce people.

Yanso-and-soThe contradiction with the company he worked for was exposed.

In Tito's statement, Yanso-and-soJoined Tito in August,There is no TikTok anchor experience before.At the beginning of employmentNo outstanding performance.

But, because Yanso-and-soGood education background (graduated from a college in Hebei with simultaneous interpretation major), and the resume of English teacher, TituoThey are regarded as key training objects, and a lot of human, material and financial resources have been invested.

However, Yanso-and-soAfter accumulating a certain reputation and traffic and being concerned by the platform, it has "deteriorated".

During his tenure, he used to "seek personal gain through public affairs" and did not perform his duties. What's more, from November 26, Yanso-and-soFollow Tito to "play missing",Leaving the post without permission,He still did not return to China until December 16,He also refused to go through resignation procedures.

Tituo said, Yanso-and-soThe behavior of the Company has caused significant loss of profits.

A popular female anchor trained by cross-border e-commerce, who runs alone with the director, and how to manage the cross-border live broadcast

(Statement of Tito)
In the statement, another employee, Fei, formerly the sales director of Tito, was also mentioned. Yanso-and-soIt seems that under the instigation of Fei, he and his partner formed a new company, so he "left without saying goodbye" to Tito.
Fei Mou Biyanso-and-soEntering TITO two months earlier is also "no experience in cross-border e-commerce", but it has been focused on training and providing high-quality customer resources.

The popular female anchor trained by the e-commerce platform runs alone with the director, and how to manage the cross-border live broadcast

As a result, Fei not only encouraged Yanso-and-soHe left his job with another colleague to "start a business", stole Tito's confidential training courseware, pried away high-quality customers, and emptied the information of his mobile phone. To TitoAdverse effects and incalculable losses.
however,The above information is just a unilateral statement of Tito,The truth, who is right and who is wrong, is inconclusive and needs to be further verified.Here, we take a neutral position and look forward to a proper settlement between the two sides.
From the current information, if Tito's statement is true, then its problems in account management are worth our reference and vigilance.
At present, Yanso-and-soThe previous TikTok account shareoutfits, the number of fans has changed from15000 yuan rose to 32000 yuan.
Although this account still uses Yanso-and-soBut in the recently released video, the anchor has obviously changed to a taller and thinner girl.

The popular female anchorman trained by b2b, running alone with the director, and how to manage people in cross-border live broadcast

The control of the account should still be in the hands of Tito.
For Tituo, losing Yanso-and-soAlthough this fluent speaker lost a lot, it was still within the controllable range, and the playback volume was often maintained at a normal level, and the number of fans continued to grow.
As long as the new anchor is trained well, the transition can be smooth, and the daily operation of the account will not be a problem.
This seems to indicate from another aspect that the influence of specific anchors on TikTok account operation is not as great as expected.
A competent host is undoubtedly very important for enterprises.
But correspondingly, if the anchor's ability only stays on the single skills such as "oral" and "English", in fact, it is not very difficult for enterprises to "replicate" a successful "successor".
Kevin, a senior TikTok operation expert, told the Blue Ocean Yiguan website domain news that in just a few months,The settled fans don't care too much about who is doing the live broadcast,More attention is paid to the content of the live broadcast, especially the clothing tutorial, and the discount of the live broadcast room.
"It takes a long time for an anchor to form a strong association with an account. It cannot be completed in a short time."
On the other hand, the enterprise has many advantages compared with the anchor individual. The most important is the understanding of the platform.
Kevin said that it is difficult to continuously output high-quality content without studying platform algorithms.
Take TikTok for example, its video recommendation has a rough "upgrade" process.
Generally, new videos will be recommended to 100-300 users.
After the completion rate and interaction rate of these 300 users reach the standard,Recommend videos to 2000-5000 people.
Video meeting the standard again,It will be recommended to 20000 to 20000 people.
From the above data, it can be seen that,300 people watching is a node, 5000 people watching is a node, and 20000 people watching is another node.
How long does it take for a video to reach these nodes? Is it faster or slower than the same batch of videos?
The anchor may not know these things at all. However, the company retains complete data, and then optimizes video content according to data comparison.
Another important information is the "completion rate" and "interaction rate".
The completion rate requires good rhythm control of the video. It is not allowed to "fire" all the "ammunition" too quickly, nor to make the gap between highlights too long.
The interaction rate requires that the video content should have a "desire to speak". By arousing the viewers' sense of identity? Or stimulate their emotions?
The above contents need rational data analysis support to find the best rhythm point and improve the completion rate and interaction rate.
"Many anchors think, 'I can be hot is my ability'. In fact, an anchor wants to be hot, and behind it is the unremitting efforts of the whole team. It is not a simple 'video upload promotion'."
Kevin believes that although the anchor is an important resource of the company, the anchor should complement the company and the team,There is no "no one can leave", only "who is better with whom".
Of course, enterprises will certainly invest a lot of energy in training new anchors. A lot of resources will also be allocated to support the number. In this case, the resignation of the anchorman, even "leaving without saying goodbye", becomes a competitor, which really hits the enterprise.
Guo Ming, a senior social media operator in Shenzhen, gave his own opinions on how to prevent this situation and reduce risks and losses:
● The contract clarifies the rights and obligations of both parties
When the company signs a contract with the anchor, the rights and obligations of both parties should be clearly stated.
For example, during the tenure, the company will give resource preference to the anchor, cultivate the anchor's personal ability, build the anchor's personal IP, and help the anchor grow as quickly as possible.
What is the estimated cost of this expenditure.
Accordingly,After the number of IP fans of the host reaches,How many years do you need to work in the company, or create enough profits for the company to make up for this part of the expenses? If you leave before meeting this condition, the anchor needs to pay the remaining value as compensation.
Or, if the anchor leaves his post, he should compensate the company's resource input and training expenses in proportion.
It should be noted here that,Host IP fan threshold,It needs to be formulated reasonably.If the lower limit cannot be reached, the resignation of the anchor can be exempted from the terms.
● Do a good job in IP attribution defense
The anchor is in the company'sIt is better to use virtual IP instead of personal name,This IP must belong to the company,The host shall not take the IP after leaving. If necessary,It can be purchased from the company.
The company has the right to consider at its discretion, and can also avoid unnecessary losses caused by the resignation or "self departure" of the anchor.
It can be seen that Tito should do a good job in this part.
● Confidentiality agreement and non competition agreement
If the company has confidential training materials, it needs to sign a confidentiality agreement with the relevant participants to strictly specify which materials are trade secrets and shall not be disclosed.
If the company can afford to pay, it is also necessary to sign a non competition agreement with important personnel.
It is worth noting that, according to the non competition agreement, if the agreement stipulates that employees shall not engage in relevant industries that compete with the company within three years after leaving, thenIn the followingWithin three years,The company mustPay salary for the resigned employee every month,The standard is30% of the average monthly income in the 12 months before leaving, including the base salary and commission,You can also pay for three years at a time.
After leaving the company, the resigning personnel can still find jobs that do not compete with the company, although they cannot engage in related jobs that compete with the company.
If the company refuses to pay this fee, it will be deemed that it does not perform the content of the non competition agreement, and the resigning personnel do not have to comply with the provisions of the non competition agreement.
This is why many companies are reluctant to sign non competition agreements. In most cases, the labor law protects the rights and interests of workers.
☆ Big sellers such as Zebao have recruited "anchors", and the US live broadcast market has reached US $6 billion
In recent years, social media has played an increasingly important role in cross-border e-commerce operations.
Amazon also launched Live two years ago to support live streaming from sellers.
According to data from the consumer market research organization Coresight Research, the live broadcast market in the United States last year was worth about $6 billion, and this year it will reach $11 billion. It is estimated that the market may exceed $25 billion by 2023.
Among sellers, the demand for live broadcast talents and social media talents is also growing.
Big sellers such as Zebao Technology are also recruiting TikTok operation related personnel.

A popular female anchor trained by cross-border e-commerce logistics, she ran alone with her supervisor, and how to manage the cross-border live broadcast

In the recruitment of Zhilian, the monthly salary of TikTok operators is as high as 8000-10000 yuan.

A popular female anchor who was trained at sea, she ran alone with her supervisor, and how to manage people in cross-border live broadcast

In the future, social media operations, live streaming and other forms will become more and more routine in the seller's operation process. However, when the anchors and social media account operators in the team become routine configurations, there will be more and more ownership issues around the account and IP.
Therefore, regarding the dispute between Tito and Yan and Fei, we hope that both parties can handle the matter more decently and calmly. I also hope that both the employers and the employees of the company should recognize their identity and not be too ambitious. (Text/Blue Ocean Yiguan of cross-border e-commerce)
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