Search volume skyrocketed by 4700%, and the Advent Calendar ignited a festive atmosphere


Author:Wang Meirong
Source: ennews

Black Friday has passed, and Christmas is coming soon. When it comes to Christmas, the first things that come to mind are Santa Claus, gifts, greeting cards, etc. But in foreign countries, consumers' expectations for holidays have already begun, and a beloved Advent calendar (Christmas countdown calendar) carries many expectations.


It is understood that the search volume for Christmas countdown calendars on many e-commerce platforms has increased fromIt started in early September. Based on existing data, in the past three months, for Etsy, in its Christmas countdown calendarThe search volume for crystal calendars has skyrocketed4708%, wax melting calendar increased by over 280%, and pet calendar increased by over 130%.

Cross border search volume has skyrocketed by 4700%, igniting a festive atmosphere with the Advent Calendar


On Amazon,Advent Pet CalendarTemporarily at the top of the list, the calendar generally starts fromThe countdown starts on December 1st, and each date contains different holiday riddles and game activities. The animals in the pictures are cute and interesting, with prices ranging from ten dollars to tens of dollars.

Cross border information search volume has skyrocketed by 4700%, and the Advent Calendar has ignited a festive atmosphere


Children's Christmas CalendarThe ranking is also very high, and the design elements in the calendar are mostly Christmas socks, snowmen, elk, unicorns, etc. Some products have even reached a five-star review rate100%. Christmas has not arrived yet, but the atmosphere has already exploded.

E-commerce platform search volume skyrocketed by 4700%, and the Advent Calendar ignited a festive atmosphere


The popular Adventist calendar among foreign consumers is actually a countdown calendar for Christmas, as they start counting down the dates from very early to Christmas day in order to welcome the arrival of Christmas. Therefore, it can also be said to be a countdown calendar for Christmas.


Advent is celebrated four Sundays before Christmas, spiritually to celebrate the birth of Jesus on Earth and to prepare and anticipate the second coming of Christ. It is reported that,The 2021 Adventure Festival has started on Sunday, November 28th, and each Sunday has a different spiritual theme, usually including the ceremony of lighting Adventure candles to welcome Christmas and the birth of Jesus.


In addition to the upcoming holiday calendar, other products related to Christmas, such as gifts, greeting cards, and clothing, have also maintained a high search volume since earlier, indicating the importance that foreign consumers attach to the holiday. Although some sellers' Black Five results are not satisfactory, Christmas is still worth looking forward to.

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