How do sellers take pictures of qualified Amazon products themselves


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How can cross-border information sellers take pictures of qualified Amazon products themselves

stayAmazonWhen editing listing, it is good to upload photos taken by professional photographers, but sometimes it is unnecessary. IfAmazon SellerIt can collect all necessary equipment, set it correctly, and actually complete it by itselfAmazon product picturesShooting of.

IAmazon product image shooting preparation

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,Amazon SellerThe following things need to be prepared first:

1. Mobile phone with good camera pixel. It may be better to have an SLR camera.

2. Portable lights, such as LED lights.

3. Monochrome white cloth.

4. A box or stack of books used to raise the cloth position.

5. One table.

6. Products to be photographed.

IIHow to shoot

1. The first step is to place the table near the window so that there is enough light (during the day).

2. Step 2: Put the box or a pile of books on the edge of the table.

3. Place a white tablecloth so that it covers the box/book and the entire table.

4. Place the product on the table with the box/book in its background.

5. Set a portable light source to illuminate the shadow above the product.

6. Make sure everything is set up properly, the lighting effect of the product is good, and the white cloth can be used as a good background. Turn on the phone camera or SLR camera and try to find the best angle. The product body should be filled with about 85% of the picture frames.

7. IfAmazonThe seller uses a mobile camera. Try to adjust the exposure by pasting different areas of the screen or adjusting the available settings. If you are using an SLR camera, you can adjust the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings.

8. Make sure that no part of the product is hidden in the shadow. Take multiple images of the product from different angles.

9. The seller can use two types of lenses:

(1)Fly Eye Shot。 Photos taken from the top of the product.

(2)Angled Shot。 A photograph taken from a dynamic perspective.

Don't worry about wrinkles or other small defects in the white cloth. We can edit it later.

3、 Editing and final touch up

After taking photos, the seller should also extract all the data in the editing software, and make the final touch up, so thatAmazon PicturesIt looks more decent and professional. The seller does not need some professional editing software, such as Photoshop, to edit images.

Of course, if the seller is already familiar with some professional software, more fine adjustments can be made. But for simplicity, just use the built-in photo editing application on your phone. To edit an image:

1. Crop the picture to make the edges and boundaries clean and clear.

2. Increase the exposure until the product is clearly visible, but the white background looks even without wrinkles.

3. Align the image so that it does not appear tilted.

4. Put the product in the middle.

5. Use saturation, contrast and hue in the settings to make the product stand out in the image.

6. Check the color balance and tone once, so that the white background actually looks white without blue or yellow tone.

The above procedures and settings are just for sharing the simplest methods. But this is not a recommended way to get the best results.

sevenAccording to Blue Ocean Yiguan,For the best results, Amazon sellers can continue to buy or rent the following:

(1) A photographic tent.

(2) A good SLR/no reflector camera.

(3)A lighting setting.


(5)A photo editing software.

After obtaining professional equipment, shooting can improve the picture quality.

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