400% increase! The sales volume of Ozon Heiwu reached 5 billion


Author:Yu Xiaoying
Source: ennews

The most important sales activities throughout the year——Black Friday has ended. Up to now, many institutions have published the sales report cards of Black Five in various regions.


Among them, the most eye-catching US, according toAccording to the report of Adobe, the online sales of Black Five in the United States this year reached 8.9 billion dollars, slightly less than 9 billion dollars. In addition, Shopify also announced the situation of Black Friday this year, with its global sales volume of about 2.9 billion US dollars, an increase of 21% over last year.


In addition, there are also many sellers paying attention to some emerging markets, such as Russia. A few days ago, foreign media also reported the black five sales of the Russian e-commerce platform.


The growth momentum of emerging markets is still very strong. According to the report,On November 26, the Black Friday, the mainstream e-commerce platform in RussiaThe number of Ozon orders increased by 5 times compared with last yearThe sales volume of the day was higher than that of last year4 times, reaching 5 billion rubles.


It is reported thatTwo important promotional activities in November - Double 11 and Black Friday,OzonThey have made great achievements, butblackV. During the activity period, its daily sales volume was relatively even.On November 11, there was an obvious peak (6.1 billion rubles), but on November 28, the last day of the Black Five promotion, its sales also increased significantly.


In the Black Five promotion, the highest price order is fromSt.PetersburgofrepinoHe spent444,000 rubles bought a two door refrigerator.The first order is fromBuyers in PskovHe boughtA set of pansIt is also worth mentioning that,The Russians areOzon Within an hourPurchased30 tons of flour.


in general,Two important promotions in November attracted700,000 new buyerscomeOzonOn the e-commerce platform. The number of buyers on Black Friday increased4.5x. One fifth of the people continued to participate in the Black Five after spending on the Double 11 Festival. This once again proves the trend of online shopping in Russia.


In terms of sellers, those who participated in the Black FiveNumber of sellersIt's higher than the Double 1115-20%This is because many sellers decided to participate in the second promotion after feeling the bonus of the Double 11 Festival.


As for the most popular categories,Home and garden products, beauty and health products, food, electronic products, clothing and children's productsIt is a popular category. andOn Black FridayMedium,The demand for jewelry, clothing, food, shoes, tourism supplies, hunting, fishing and automobile products is growing rapidly.

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