What is Article 3 of the Amazon Agreement? What is the basis for determining the seal number?


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What is the third regulation of the Amazon Agreement on cross-border e-commerce logistics? What is the basis for determining the seal number?

If you unfortunately receive a blocked email from Amazon, you will usually see "Article 3 of the Amazon Commercial Solution Agreement" in the email.

What is the third regulation of Amazon Sailing Agreement? What is the basis for determining the seal number?

That is,According to the third regulation, Amazon will take such measures as listing the products off the shelf, temporarily closing the account, and permanently sealing the number of sellers.

Compared with other notices from Amazon, this one is more serious, which to some extent indicates that things are more serious.

What is the Amazon Business Solutions Agreement? What does Article 3 mean?

This agreement is referred to as BSA (Business Solutions Agreement), which is a policy that all sellers need to agree to when opening stores in Amazon.

Blueocean Yiguan has learned that every seller must "digitally sign" when registering an Amazon sales account, indicating that the seller is willing to abide by Amazon's policies.

The Amazon BSA agreement is the terms of service (TOS) proposed by Amazon for the seller, which states Amazon's responsibilities, the seller's responsibilities, and Amazon's rights (many).

Before agreeing to the Amazon BSA agreement, the seller must read it thoroughly and understand it.

Article 3 of the BSA Agreement says that "Amazon can terminate the agreement for any reason", that is, to deprive the seller of the right to sell on the Amazon platform. To put it simplytitle.

What is the third regulation of the Amazon Agreement on cross-border e-commerce logistics? What is the basis for determining the seal number?

From the perspective of an ordinary seller or layman, the messages conveyed by this Regulation 3 are:

1. Amazon can decide whether to terminate this agreement with the seller with 30 days' notice

twoIf Amazon notifies the seller of violating the platform regulations and the seller fails to solve the problem within 7 days, Amazon can suspend the seller's account

3. If Amazon believes that the seller "forces" Amazon to be responsible to other third parties and the seller uses Amazon servicesIllegal or fraudulentIf the behavior and seller damage the interests of Amazon, consumers and other sellers, Amazon willDirect seal number, there will be no advance notice or warning, and no rectification time will be provided for the seller

Of course, the seller can also terminate the Amazon account operation or the BSA agreement at any time according to their own wishesSeller Central background, email, Contact Us form, etc.

Although Regulation 3 of the BSA Agreement sounds mysterious, in fact, it is not. Amazon just lists the measures that will be taken when the seller violates the BSA Agreement.

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,Many Amazon sellers are blocked this year, although there are various reasons, Amazon has quoted the third regulation of the BSA agreement.

Why did Amazon suddenly quote "Regulation 3" in a large number of blocked emails?

Because Amazon protects itself first and most importantly.

If Amazon cannot ensure its own security, it will not do anything. It will use the BSA agreement or its terms to prove the rationality of its operation.

More likely, Amazon believes that the use of "Regulation 3 of the BSA Agreement" as a basis can reduce the seller's ideas and actions in applying for arbitration or litigation.

In a word, as a seller, you should carefully read Amazon's BSA agreement, deeply understand Regulation 3, avoid accidentally violating the platform regulations, and then receive a notice of blocking.                                                                                                                                                              

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