Spain Christmas consumption trend report released, 41% of people like to place orders at night


Author:Zeng Xuening
Source: ennews

Data analysis company KantarPublished a report onSpanish consumers on eBay platform, report on Christmas consumption trend. The results show that Spaniards plan to spend an average of 259 euros on Christmas gifts, 7% more than the 240 euros surveyed last year.


have51% of respondents said that they would buy the same amount of goods online this year as last year, while about 40% of consumers said that they were prepared to purchase more goods online than last year.


This reflects that Spaniards still have high shopping enthusiasm even under the influence of epidemic situation and supply chain crisis. And shift more purchase focus to online.


On the other hand, shopping for children is still the largest part of the budget, totaling164 euros; The second is consumption between husband and wife and consumption for parents, with budgets of 92 euros and 66 euros respectively. Toys, children's clothing and other categories still showed good sales momentum.


and30% of respondents said that they need a few days to consider whether to buy, and only 8% said that their decision time was about one hour.


This also shows that most Spanish consumers maintain a rational attitude towards online shopping. In addition to the goods they have already liked, the goods they have met may also make them"Order with passion".


There's another one that can help themThe influencing factor of "order with passion" is shopping time.


Previous surveys showed that41% of Spaniards prefer online shopping at night, which will be 35.3% in 2020;There are more than39% of the respondents said that there is no specific time to place an order, but they usually use their mobile phones to purchase online in the afternoon or evening.


Driven by various factors this year, most Spanish consumers focus on shopping in advance and choosing small and medium-sized online merchants nearby.


becauseIn November, there were big discounts such as Black Friday and Internet Monday, and 43% of Spanish consumers had completed the purchase of Christmas gifts; And 35% of consumers continue to buy Christmas gifts in December.


have54% of Spaniards plan to buy Christmas gifts in small and medium-sized enterprises. Because the inventory of SMEs is relatively large, the competition is not as big as the big platform.


At the end of this year, the shopping promotion has been more than half. No matter whether the current sales volume has reached the ideal, according to the existing data, we can understand the latest trends of consumers to achieve better results in the remaining festivals and future sales.

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